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1 CA, United States Review updated: bills itself as an online bar. Basically it is a social site in the form of a game which allows consumers to make a free account, but spend real cash to buy "bling" for points to level up in the "game". Recently the "management" aka BabyJesus/Scrapper etc decided to change their ability bling, cutting the effective use time of said bling in half. Hundreds of people perhaps have bling they bought before these changes were made, unannounced, that they now find useless. They paid for a product under certain specifications and a certain set of promised and advertised guidelines and now find those things changed without notice or warning. This is fraud or theft at the very least and I would think qualifies for some sort of class action lawsuit.

Apr 8, 2013
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      14th of Mar, 2014
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    Recently my friend and I had our accts, mine was blocked his was deleted and he was banned after being on that rip off site for 2 and 1 half years and all because to the best that we know, he let me sign up using his computer which by the way isn't wrong to do unless you're a mercenary for some one playing the fumafia game which we weren't then this a**hole crappy...I mean scrappy sends me a message after he blocks my acct and tells me that the reason he flagged my acct is because my name was green(newbs names are green until they've been on the site for a little bit) any way he says he flagged my acct because we had purchased $90.)) in power up blings in the 6 days that I actually had access to my acct. My response to that is. So [censored]ing what???. If there's nothing in the rules and regs against doing it then what's the problem?? Also this was done with no warning, he didn't even attempt to ask any questions before hand it's just, one minute im on there enjoying myself, the next minute I'm blocked and being called a troll and I doubt very seriously my roomie will get his money back. I think a group of people that they have screwed over needs to get together and bring a class action suit against these people. One other thing, supposedly we did wrong but my acct hasnt been deleted which would lend credence to another persons complaint on here were they talk about how fubar pads their membership numbers.

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