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Fry's Electronics / crummy customer service

1 Woodland Hills, CA, United States Review updated:

After selecting a HDTV I wanted to buy, the salesman went to the back to see if it was in stock. He returned and said there were no new sets available, only two open box sets. As soon as he said that, he quickly turned around and walked away. He didn't try to interest me in the open box items, or in any of the other HDTVs in the store. He didn't even say thanks for shopping at Fry's. He just walked away and left me standing there.

I really wanted to buy this particular model, and had been comparing prices at various stores. 3 days later I returned to Fry's and found the same model on sale for $200 less. This time another salesman offered to help, and I asked if they had received any more of these HDTVs. Here returned after checking and said they were out of stock, except for two open box units. I asked if the open box items were in good condition. The salesman said yes, most likely they were returned because the buyers didn't like the screen size. He also said the open box items would be sold at a reduced price. When I expressed interest in buying the open box TV, the saleman started dragging his feet. He said the manager and himself would have to examine the contents to insure everything was there. He wasn't sure when they would be able to do that. I could tell from the look on his face that this was a job he didn't want to do - he was lazy. Then I remembered that Fry's has a store in Burbank. I asked the salesman if he could call the Burbank store and check if they had this model HDTV. He didn't like this. He said, you want ME to call the store? I said either that, or give me the store's number, and I'll call. So he gave me the number, but when I called, it was a discontinued number.

Moral to this story: If you want good customer service, don't shop at Fry's.

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  • Lr
      1st of Jul, 2009

    I was trying to pay for my Fry's Credit Card online. I logged in successfully. Then, the system asked me for my security question. I answered. I was in the screen where you see your account balance, activity, payment due information, etc. I choose to pay for my bill and then I am told that my account access was limited because they could not authenticate my information.

    I gave the correct information, but I was not able to make a payment. I went by phone to make a payment. I was charged $6.95 to make a payment by phone, on an automatic system.

    My payment will be late because of not being able to access the account online. I have tried several times to pass that message, but to no avil. Now, I will surely be also charged about $40.00 for a late payment on top of the $6.95 for making a payment by phone, because that will be posted between 1-3 days later.

    I was not late making my payment, but the system made me late making my payment. This should be illegal.

    There should be a way for the consumer to be protected against these scams.


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  • Ob
      21st of Oct, 2009

    I had similar experience with Fry's online payment. As a result I had to pay late fees in the next bill even though I spoke with someone over the phone and mailed a check covering the original bill and new outstanding bill. The snail mail did not get to them on time. Their claim is that they recommend mailing payments 7-10 business days before the due date. In general it takes 3-5 business days to deliver a first class mail. My guess is that US Postal Service will disagree with Fry's position. I think these folks are less than honest and try to charge anyone whose payment arrives within 5-6 days of the due date. I suspect they blame US Postal Service and claim they received the payment after the due date as one can not prove when the payment was actually received by them. Or they are not smart enough to manage a process to assist customers who are trying to pay their bills on time. It is better to retain customers who may spend thousands of dollars at their stores rather than frustrate them with "absurd" and "no holds bar" late fee collection strategy. I canceled my card and will never buy anything from them. I'll gladly buy my electronics from others, even if the sale price is 20% higher. The simple reason is do not give your business to a company that is not customer centric and do not know how to develop meaningful relationships with its customers. They rather focus on crafty ways to supplant their cash-flow with "little late fees". This type of company essentially is not competent, well managed or run. They should fail as a business so that consumers are left with competitive and value creating companies. Just look at some of the banks that sunk the world economy. Their only strategy is to nickel and dime everyone to wealth and creating shareholder value. I say dump this type of companies and institutions and not bail them out. Let’s all demand competitive sound companies by supporting the current administration’s drive for better consumer protection laws. Get involved and help build a better country.

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