Fry's Electronicsvery rude customer service

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The customer service in Fry's is very rude and uncalled for. Once I was looking into a product; the box was open and pulled it out to see what the product looks like. I did not opened the box, it was opened already, but one service guy comes and tells me -- " the cameras up there are noticing what you are doing, you might be caught" -- I got the impression that that he is telling me as if I am a shop lifter. I was shocked with the attitude of the employee, I could not help but complained to the store manager immediately. But I know nothing is going to change them -- they are always rude and curt in their behavior. I was a regular customer at Fry's but since then I stopped going to Fry's and asked all my friend's to do so. It happened in the Fry's shop in Osgood Road, Fremont, California.


  • Cs
    Csmith82 Mar 28, 2015

    I recently went to a frys store at around 4pm on saturday march 28th.I was there to look for mini dvd-rs(5 pk) which I happen to find under a 9.88 price tag.Took the item to the register and it rung up 17.88 so I told the cashier I would "Be right back as that wasn't the price I saw".I went back to the pc and laptop section of the store and got ahold of a associate there named Daniel who I told my situation to.I showed him the price I saw which was 9.88 he took the tag and said said to bring to the cashier and if their was a issue have them call and reach him.So I went back to a different cashier and told her the situation and she had got ahold of another associate who I don't know his name and he went with me to go talk to Daniel.This is where we met with a associate named Joe Sampson who was told the issue.He than look at the price tag and circled the price and in a very stern voice(right below yelling at me) said "ok if this said it was a 110 dollars would you pay for this?"It says cd cleaner on the tag!Thats when I replied "I will take my buisiness elsewhere!"'He said "ok!".I explained to the person escorting me that I looked at the price and the item itself as that's the only thing that mattered if it is put in the right spot by a associate.He said joe could have handled that situation better and normally isn't like that.I have bought numerous computer parts and videogames from your store but after this experience will be taking my buisiness to amazon and walmart as I never been harrassed or been called "stupid indirectly "by a associate.The store I visited

    10241 N. Fwy I - 45
    Houston, TX 77037
    Phone [protected]
    Store Manager: Melissa Trowbridge

    Ya took about a hour to get there in 90 degree texas weather with traffic and I'm apparently suppose to read the name of the price tags since the associates are imcompetent in putting items in the right place lolWell will stick to amazon, ebay and wal-mart at least I get treated decent there.

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  • Ja
    jack1904d Oct 20, 2011
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    Verified customer

    The store is a garbage heap, the employees are incompetent, and more often than not they sell broken or incorrectly packaged items.

    There are plenty of alternatives, and how this place stays in business is beyond me. Do yourself a favor and avoid any building with a Fry's sign like the plague.

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  • Up
    Upsetripped Apr 04, 2011

    A warning :

    Just a word of warning about buying any kind of "game card" or "game time card" (for a video game) at this Fry's store and possibly others.

    Fry's is charging people (and has been for years on and off) sales tax on non-taxable game cards. In the state of California it is against the law to collect sales tax on these cards. This is 100% confirmed with the California State Board of Equalization. You will find that all stores that
    sell them and obey the tax law DO NOT charge sales tax on them.

    When confronted about the issue in-store the manager was called and presented with a receipt from Best Buy which does not charge sales tax on these cards. 20 minutes passed and the manager not only refused to be questioned but was not authorizing the removal of the tax.

    If you have purchased game time cards at Fry's please contact the BOE
    of California and Fry's to complain for a refund. If you go into the store and are asked to pay sales tax on these game cards - DO NOT.

    Many thousands of people have paid sales tax on these non-taxable items in California.

    This money is going to Fry's. And it was taken from you.
    Don't let this company get away with this.

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  • Om
    omgitsdeezz00 Aug 08, 2010

    I hate that place. once i was in there some little girl was to help me she said she will get the item and come back i waited for 20 min looking around the area and finally left to look for her when i saw her i asked her did she find the item she was clock out on brake and was on her phone told me to ask someone else! wow that was nice

    the store was a mess to much people walking around but nobody there to help and if they wanted to help they were an [censor] hoe about it yes i said that they where. maybe because i looked like a BUM walking into the store but that was not fair every customer should of been treated the same.

    than in line waiting to be told where to go that was like something in school i waited for 20 min in line and than the person who was to ring up my things they were rude..

    Never would i shop there again i would go to Best Buy always

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  • Kl
    klajsdflk Jul 30, 2010

    I agree to a certain extent about the terrible customer service at times, and especially the lack of product knowledge.

    But the majority of complaints I hear about Fry's is utterly fruitless.

    First of all, the people checking the receipts at the door: They are there to essentially fact check. They are to make sure the idiots at the registers have rung you up correctly. They actually get paid on the amount of 'catches' they get from the registers and returns. Also, just because you see someone at the returns counter 'just standing there' doesn't mean they are in returns, or are even allowed to help you. If the person is the 'person in charge' or the courtesy associate especially, they are there to double check the work of the returns and password the transaction.

    Of course the fry's card is a scam. Seriously? What credit card isn't??

    Please don't complain about black friday. While you and I get to go shopping on that day, and be neanderthals about our sales, these schmucks have to wake up and work the whole long day, not to mention, DEAL WITH US!

    I've seen a lot of poor service from fry's, but I've seen WORSE treatment directed AT EMPLOYEES with seemingly little or no cause. Please keep in mind that just because you view someone helping you as 'beneath you' or 'less knowledgeable (which isn't usually the case)', that doesn't give you the green light to barate, harrass, or yell at!!!

    If you can't follow the rules for a return, don't return it! However, if something is truly defiective and you are not given your refund, speak with the 'person in charge.' If that does not work, request to speak with the store manager, or the assistant store manager immediately.

    Lastly, rebates are handled by the manufacturer. Not through fry's. If your beloved brand didn't give you your rebate, blame the brand, not the supplier. It has nothing to do with the retail store itself. The store does not lose money with rebates, the manufacturer does. Please inform yourself.

    And, as a truly final last bit of advice, when you come into Fry's Electronics, literally a wasteland/wonderland or technology, please do not ask where the 'electronics are located' or continually refer to where you came from as 'the electronics department.' The whole [censor]in' store is full of em.

    A past Fry's associate, tellin it like it is.

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  • Bi
    bill2222 Jul 09, 2010

    i totally agree. All the customer service of Fry's are scam. Do not come to Fry's.

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  • Pi
    PISSED OF CUSTOMER Feb 01, 2010

    i totally agree...fry's sucks!!! the sales people at fry's in houston are so rude and badly trained. They don't care about customer. Just a bunch of ignorant, ###. But to be fair not "all" of them are bad. Some are really nice. rest are ###s. I can't even find anything on their website for filing a complaint.
    I've Read the comments on this site and other similar sites for months but ignored it. But today i saw first hand what they are capable of. One of the sales lady was so rude to me. DON'T GO TO FRY'S. THEY WON'T RESPECT YOU AS A CUSTOMER.

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  • Cx
    cxp Apr 21, 2009

    I too had very bad customer service in FRU's store in Fountain Valley, CA

    My advice to others is : Do not come to Fry's for your computer needs.
    Go to anyother computer store is much better

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  • Ja
    jacob daniel mcnabb Nov 16, 2008
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    Verified customer

    as a former employee of frys.
    ive seen it all. they hire new employees every week
    (about 8 or 9 at a time)

    fire people for no reason whatsoever.
    put the employees on a "suspention" for a number of days, so that when they get fired they cannot collect unemployment.

    either that or drive you to quit and save them the trouble.

    ive had the store manager pull these scandals on me multiple times and finally he pulled me aside and told me to my face in these words
    "you know we dont really need you here"

    and asked me to voluntarily quit or that he would suspend me and fire me so i cannot collect unemployment.

    so here i am without a job, evicted from my apartment because i couldnt pay rent.
    car reposessed, and hardly have any money to feed my hunger.
    all thanks to the caring and loving staff and management team at frys electronics.

    i believe in karma and this store and all of its management team will see karma very soon!! and pay for the lives they destroy every day in the afterlife!!

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  • Ad
    adam Sep 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    A few months ago I used a credit card at frys that I never used anywhere before or after and 2 weeks later I had fraud charges on my card. By a mistake I used my ATM debit card 2 weeks ago at Frys which I again never used for a purchase anywhere before or after shopping at Frys and now there were 2 withdrawals on my account for $500 in another state. Coincidence, I think not, I have heard other with the same problem. Do NOT use your ATM debit card at FRYs, and watch your account after shopping there.

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  • Pa
    paulh Aug 22, 2008

    Their employees are totally incompetent and it often takes several to process one customer. Nevertheless,
    I have returned for more of the same as their product availability and sometimes prices are not available elsewhere. I will not return in the future a last time I was there I paid with American Express Card and as I was about to leave the checkout (with receipt) they asked for my card again. I foolishly handed it back while I looked at my receipt and when I saw it was correct I asked what the problem was and they said that they were meant to make a copy of American Express cards which they did as we talked. I asked what was this copy for when the transaction had been processed and was told it had to be attached to the paperwork as a fraud prevention measure. The customer receipt only shows the last 4 digits. They refused to return the copy or destroy it saying that was their policy. If I find unauthorized charges to my account I'm suing Frys

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  • Ma
    Mabel Pugh Jun 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have recieved rude and incompetent service in my dealings with Fry Electronics in Duluth, Ga.

    Mabel Pugh

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  • An
    Anonymous Jun 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    The entire store has an incredibly rude and condescending feel, from the tome of instructions in the bathroom (I'd like to think I mastered the toilet a long time ago, thank you) to the obnoxious receipt-checking at the door (Assuming everybody is a thief does not make people think fondly of your brand).

    For every good employee there are 5 rude ones that have more regard for red tape and corporate bureaucracy than customer service. Want to see if that 60" TV will fit in your vehicle? Don't walk over to where the boxes are or you'll be thrown out in a loud, embarrassing spectacle.

    And yet they have such a good selection and such reasonable prices that I can't stop shopping there, no matter how much I hate it.

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  • Th
    Thomas Absil May 25, 2007
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    I too had the worst service ever at Fry's. This coming from someone who has run a customer service Dept. for 25 years. It took 28 weeks to repair a lap top. At least 3 conflicting stories. One letter by my wife to Frys complaint dept. And then, and here is the kicker. The person in charge of customer service at the Oakbrook store requested that when I pick up my computer, that he wanted to talk to me and apologize in person. When he was pages, he told the person paging him that he had nothing to say to me. Now there is great customer service. Naturally, I will never step foot in that store and I will be sure to tell at least 10 other people.

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  • Ga
    Gary May 16, 2007
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    Just want to say I have exactly the same experience with Fry's Electronics. I brought an opened box item with wrong item inside and yet I never opened the box. However, the customer service people found out it is the wrong item and act as if I switched it and seal the box by myself. Anyway, not sure if there can be any class action file for this. But I will definitely file a compliant in the BBB ( about this. I am not sure if there is a CEO for frys, but I can't wait to shoot an email to let him know about how dis-satisfy I am with their service. I encourage everyone do the same.

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  • Ri
    Rick S May 15, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I did research to see if anyone else felt the same way and there's a whole bunch of people.

    Recently I went into the frys of city of industry and encountered the poorest, rudest customer service ever.

    The staff in the electronics section did not know anything about electronics or bother to find anyone who did. A bunch of them just flirted with each other and one of the supervisors was like "ok uhhh whats that" "uhh i dunno check over there". This isn't the first time this has happened. But you'd think they'd have some experience with or knowledge of the product they're selling.

    Ok so while looking for myself for the items I needed some kid working there decides to block my way then to try and look at me like he's hard. Maybe he forgot the fact that he's working here and this isn't his block. I laughed and walked through him. The rest of the people there don't do ### and go out of there way to avoid you. Ok you wear a white shirt and a tie. If you can't help anyone whats the good of it. So I received no luck with what I was looking for which was a chip and a 7 segment display.

    Another time I asked the supervisor at the computer software section (some broad in a tight outfit) so after she ignored me and pretended to be on the computer, phone etc she finally helped me and I asked her for a multisim program, she sent me to the wrong area and didn't know what else to do so amazingly the box boy there actually helped me out cause he was going to devry. But i'm wondering why is the box boy more knowledgeable than the supervisor.

    This is 2 of multiple time I get this treatment. They're worse than best buy and radio shack put together.

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