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Frontier Airlines / false round trip return from costa rica

1 denver, Denver, CO, United States Review updated:

frontier airlines pads their empty flights by telling cust. that they have to have a way out of costa rica at the last minute b 4 boarding .
they do not tell u when u purchase a one way
they do not tell u when u use their 800 num to make a reservation
they do not tell you when you pay at the counter at the airport
the do not tell you when u board your initial flight b 4 u connect in den.
they then spring it on u at the last min. and blame the costa rican gov.
this does not happen on american OR cont. airlines
i plan to file a class actin lawsuit and an ind. lawsuit
all add. victims should contact me at [protected]@yahoo
so many travelers plan to bus out of costa rica to the north or the south
some plan to cruise out on a boat
some r not sure how they plan to depart costa rica
this SCAM/HUSTLE was pulled on me and they will not get away with it
meanwhile, they push their credit card. app. at u in denver
when this was pulled on me told them that since they failed 3TIMES to inform me that they could just refund me my money or send me back to dallas
they said they would not do either
this was a forced, coerced transaction of hideous business nature
there r people at frontier airlines who will hear my name in their sleep
this has caused financial and mental/emotional duress
i have been forced to embark in a foreign country with little money now and was isolated from my city of origin
it is a form of imprisionment and hinderance
just the beginning

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  • Va
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    Frontier Airlines - Bad service
    Frontier Airlines
    United States

    Frontier AIrlines in cohoots with AIG Travel Guard insurance has switched their online ticketing process from an "opt-in" to an "opt-out" action. For those that have been regularly making reservations on line, as the company encourages, this is a sneaky little change that you are not aware of until you print out your receipt and it informs you that you have purchased travel ins. If you call Frontier Customer service the rep tells you they know its a bad change and that they can't cancel the policy over the phone. You have to call the insurance company directly. When you call their 800 # you are informed you have to send an email with the policy number. However your receipt from Frontier informing you that you have purchased insurance does not have a policy number. You have to wait for the confirmation notice from AIG to get the policy number. So Frontier pulls a sneaky to sell you insurance and then won't help you to cancel it other than shunt you off to the insurance companies automated system.

  • Ob
      28th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    WARNING - to all those passengers flying to Costa Rica (and staying more than 3 months).

    At DIA airport in Denver on December 17th I checked in my large over weight bag and a flat screen TV to take for my annual 6 months in Costa Rica. I knew I'd pay extra for the 99 pound bag, but $150 one way was one third of the total round trip cost.

    I Didn't say a word to the ticket agent and paid the $150. Then the lady ticket agent said: "If your going to Costa Rica for more than 3 months, you must show proof of exit before you leave the states!!!". I told her that I always book a flight out of Costa Rica before my 90 passport rule expires.

    Again she said: "Do you have proof of exit?" "No I don't need proof!!!" But she insisted that I could not leave Denver without an exit itinerary. As I argued with her about not needing any exit ticket, she insisted that it's been a "Costa Rica law in effect since Feb. 2017", and continued to say: "Would you like to book on Nature Air now?" "Yes" I said knowing that I would simply cancel the flight when I got here to Costa Rica.

    I said if it's Nature Air, please book me to Boca Del Toro, Panama where I'd taken that flight before. The ticket agent said: "When do you want to go and when do you want to return?" I said: "Book me to Boca Del Toro for March 10th with a 14th return". She quickly printed it out and handed it to me along with my credit card saying: "You have a Nature Air round trip for $120 plus tax". Grand total on $165 for what I thought was a round trip!?!?!?!?

    When I arrived at the Santamaria airport the next morning, I spicifically asked the man at immigrations (customs) one question: "Did I need an exit visa or flight ticket out of Costa Rica before I arrived here?" His answer was "NO" and went on to say that Costa Rica has no laws like that.

    So instead of booking a flight to El Salvador like I had planned for months, I am now stuck with a $165 ONE WAY ticket to Boca Del Toro, Panama without my lied about March 14th return. I've contacted Nature Air here in Costa Rica and not only found out that my Panama flight is not only un-refundable, they want another $165 for the return to San Jose, Costa Rica.

    Now because of some Frontier ticket agent lying to me about this unfounded "Costa Rica law", it would cost me $330 for what - an over priced 55 minute each way flight to somewhere I've been before. I plan not book the extra $165 one way flight and procede with my original El Salvador plans, and out the $165.

    Thanks Frontier!!! I will not only never fly with you again, I will also share with all my friends this story about a lying Frontier ticket agent in Denver.

    Very sincerely yours, John (the fool)

  • Su
      13th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes
    Frontier Airlines - Formal complain against Yen and Angie check in staff
    Frontier Airlines
    United States

    I had planned a trip to Salt Lake City (SLC) in the week of Dec 20-24. I am Midwest Miles Executive and now that Midwest has a partnership with Frontier airlines, Midwest airline folks gave me a redemption ticket on Frontier airlines to SLC as Midwest airlines does not fly their directly.

    The nightmare began when I was late by 5 minutes on the ticket check-in counter. I requested the staff to try putting me on the flight as I am not that late but suddenly Angie in a loud voice screams from the background 'He can not go on this flight'. With no smiles or 'sir' salutation. No empathy statements like 'We would like you to go on this flight but unfortunately we cannot but do not worry we will put you on the next flight asap'. Instead they were rude and started acting like women who wanted to discipline a child for not reaching on time. Yen (pronounced as Jen) especially started acting like a goon and was abrupt, disrespectful and very rude. She gave me an ultimatum saying, 'do you want to even fly or not?'

    To add to her annoyance, she tells me my handbag is over-sized. I carry a Samsonite handbag who I assume know what are the permissible dimensions that the airline allows. I travel every week with the same handbag and have my Midwest miles executive card attached to it but she wanted me to put the bag on the check. I just kept quiet and put the bag on the measuring scale and guess what the bag was passed. She just wanted to annoy us at 6:00am in the morning.

    My wife was astonished at this behavior and told me to control my emotions, from that point on we decided not to expect anything from them and very helplessly told them, 'just please put us on the next flight'. At this point, as if to get back at me for even confronting her in the first place Yen purposely tells me to try taking the next flight at 10:00am. The only point being she knows very well the flight is fully booked because of holiday travel and there is no way I can get seats on the flight. Without my knowledge she did confirm me on the afternoon flight which leaves at 2:00pm.

    We realized this point after we checked in and with our tired eyes and minds started thinking about what would happen if we dont get seats on the next flight. This thinking came in my mind because I am a frequent traveler. At this point I come out again from the checked-in area and approached the frontier check-in desk again and that’s when Angie tells me the flight for 10:00 am is fully booked. I felt like screaming at her that is she in-human. We got up at 4:30am to try making for the flight at 6:00am. Now we are stuck on this airport and instead of telling us the true picture they want us to wait for a flight that has a 99% chance on us not boarding it.

    I just took the boarding passes for the 2:00pm flight and went back home to catch some rest.
    Angie was clearly angry that I chose to become wise. She told me I need to take my luggage back with me when she really knew all that she needs to do is tell the baggage handlers to mark the bag for the 2:00pm flight. She eventually got a stroke of humanity and did exactly that.

    Both Yen and Angie would not give me their last names. I asked them how anyone would know in Frontier airlines that I am talking about them, they told me to quote the time and the flight details so here it is:

    Frontier Flight# 127
    From Dallas (DFW)
    To Denver (DEN)
    Final destination Salt Lake City (SLC)

    on Dec 20, 2017 @ 5:45am

    I am disappointed! And looking for a formal apology from both Midwest airlines and Frontier airlines

  • Ch
      26th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes
    Frontier Airlines - Not for business travelers
    Frontier Airlines
    United States

    Cannot check in for an economy flight where the outbound and return flights occur on the same day. Economy at Frontier means you don't get a seat until checkin. This problem with their checkin system means you cannot check in for the return flight until after the outbound flight. SO, while everyone else is reserving their seat for the return flight, you are stuck simply because you wanted to travel on just one day. Their web support person called this request "absurd" and promptely "accidentally" dropped my call.

  • Bu
      3rd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I would fire them...I own a business, and if my employees treated my customers like that, I would be OUT of business

  • Ak
      29th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes
    Frontier Airlines - Horrible Customer Service!
    Frontier Airlines
    United States

    Had to fly Frontier from Nashville to Denver, Denver to Anchorage, Alaska. On plane to Nashville, first thing I noticed is how FILTHY the plane was! There was dirt all over the walls and compartments, trashed magazines and garbage in the seats.

    In Denver, needed to change one seat so my family could sit together, (my husband with me and our toddler). The woman at the counter was completely berating and humiliating the man in front of me because he wanted to sit with his wife and infant. He barely spoke English, she implied he was an idiot because he didn't understand why she wouldn't even try to figure out a solution, ("You should have picked your seats when you made the reservations, I'm not going to look for you.") A young guy smacking gum came to the counter and called me up. He said he didn't see what the problem was, we were in the same row. I asked him to see if we could switch some seats because I just overheard them saying the flight was not oversold. He said I needed to ask the passengers when they got on board who wants to switch. I gave up, we boarded. The flight attendant was really nice and helped us out. All was well UNTIL THEY RAN OUT OF FOOD at the beginning of a near-6 hour flight! Almost twenty people had to fight over one bag of chips and one sandwich!

  • Fr
      9th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes
    Frontier Airlines - Credit for airline miles
    Frontier Airlines
    United States

    Frontier Airlines refuses to credit my frequent account with the correct mileage from a flight I took back in April, 2017. Repeated attempts to get this corrected have largely gone unnoticed by the airline. Exasperated, I am posting on every available site in the hopes that no else will do business with this terrible company.

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