Frontier Airlines / Stand-By Policy w/o common sense

Durango, CO, United States

Round trip Denver/Durango/Denver...leaving 4/1/10, returning 4/3/10. Business done early, called reservations-told standby possible for a same day earlier flight [protected]). Checked available seating for earlier flights the NIGHT BEFORE...LESS THAN 1/2 FULL BOOKED. Went to airport, ticket counter personnel said I have to pay $100.00 + change in fare...for a 5 hour earlier flight!...when I could have purchased a COMPLETE ONE WAY TICKET THE NIGHT BEFORE FOR $50.00.


I HAVE GIVEN UP MY FF ACCOUNT AND MILES...they make it so hard to use them anyhow, so it is no big loss. I will NEVER fly Frontier again, and as much as I hate flying United...Thanks Southwest for flying out of Denver...I will rack the me. Looks like I will see a lot of DFW (Delta/American), SLC (Delta), and ORD (American ORD/Southwest MDW)...

I understand the policy, but when the traveller's changed plans do not infirnge on the possibility of the sale of the last couple of seats on a heavy flight, and the airlines are so severely driven by profits that they do what happened to me, it is time I put the 80K/year of airlines flights I purchase to another company that WANTS my business!

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