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Phone: 1-800-838-8853

My mother lost her sister, mother, and brother all in the past six months. So to cheer my mom and Aunt up before Thanksgiving, I sent them flowers. I don't know why I decided to use a different webiste other than my usual but I did. I got stiffed.

After searching for a while I finally placed my order for flowers that only cost $19.99. As long as it's in the same time zone and blah, blah, blah the delivery is free. I get to the last page of the order and see that they charge $2.99 for same day delivery AND $12.99 delivery charge. So flowers that I thought were going to be $20 finally cost me $35.97 - times 2. I got frustrated and searched around again but found other websites that charged delivery also. I finally said the heck with it and placed the order because it was still up and all I had to do is hit the confirm button.

I wondered all day as to why my mom and Aunt didn't call and say thank you but I figured they were busy. Thursday morning my Aunt called to say thank you. She got them at 9 am that day. I was fuming.

I went to Thanksgiving dinner and asked my mom and she didn't get anything. Friday I stopped over her house and still no flowers. I go home and call and complained about my Aunt receiving hers on Thanksgiving. If they couldn't deliver them on Wednesday they should have called me know and I could have asked them to deliver it on Friday and refund my $2.99 fee. They weren't flowers for Thanksgiving, they were flowers to cheer them up and let them know that they are not alone. I went back and forth with them on the phone and she said that she will take off 20%. Feeling frustrated over that I just said okay.

Friday - For my mom's flowers though, a totally different story. When I told them about her not receiving her flowers the girl actually said "did you check to make sure that she didn't get the flowers yet?" Normally I'm a calm person but that did it. I started yelling "I saw her on Thanksgiving and I was over there today! There are no flowers there! If someone sent you flowers, wouldn't you automatically call them and say thank you?" She put me on hold again. Turns out I called at 7:10 pm and the florist just closed. She then said "If there is a question of whether or not she received the flowers, we can send another delivery tomorrow." OMG! I yelled at her "There is NO question of whether or not she received them! She didn't! And I certainly don't want you people doing anything else for me again. I want all my money back!"

Saturday - she was supposed to call me. At 3 pm I call and got a third person. I was told that the flowers were delivered at 9 am Friday morning and the delivery guy woke her up and she said how beautiful the flowers were. She then signed for them. (YES!) Obviously they were sent to someone else if at all.

Now I am at the point of waiting for the florist (which they will not let you know the name of) to fax to them the signature to verify it. I am still waiting for the 20% refund also for my Aunt's flowers.

I'll let you know how it turns out. But PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR FLOWERS!!!


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