Fromyouflowers.comnon delivery after they sent delivery confirmation of funeral flowers for my sister

L Nov 15, 2017

On Nov 3 2017 I placed two order for funeral arrangements to be delivered to the funeral home on Mon Nov 6 before 4pm. I received confirmation of my order. On Monday I received two emails confirming delivery of both orders. On Monday when I went to funeral home only one was there. Funeral home checked everywhere and the other arrangement was no where to be found. I called the customer service and of course it was after hours so they said I would have to wait til morning for more information. At 1pm Tuesday, still no call back so I called again. Was told by first customer service that the second order was not able to be filled by same florist so it was sent to another one and it would be delivered Tuesday. Unacceptable, services were over Tuesday. No one could tell me why I received email confirming delivery, why I was not notified that the second order would not be delivered on time. Only answer I received was they were sorry, refunded my money and offered me a gift voucher of $20.00. The worst thing about this whole issue was these were flowers for my sister who had passed away. We traveled 600 miles to be there for her funeral and my flowers for my sister were not there. How awful! I was devastated. I tried talking with 'supervisor' & manager and got a bigger run around from them. One even got smart with me and asked how old I was because he felt I was being stupid or something. I had requested full refund of purchase and more than a $20 gift voucher for the same company. Seriously, of all times for them to mess up and have no compassion. Never mind who runs a business like this. Why did they send email confirmation for items that were not delivered. I will never use them again. So I am stuck with a useless voucher and horrible memories of the funeral.

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