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Hello. . . I recived many emails that i have vinn 1. Miljon sek. . Kr. From headquaters
A check signed by a patrick. J somthing. This check saids that. . . Pay the amount of i million dollars and oo. S***1. 000. 000. 00. To lars. Alanko. Each day that i must confirm this price, email.
Then they charged me for 19. 95. Usd. And then after this evrything about my confirming about this 1million usd. Stopped. And evry email that i resived its signed by kevin. J. Aronin.
Now i want to stopped them.
There:s ipadresse is 172. 16. 187. 247. And 172. 16. 187. 243. This adresses vhas vhisibale yerlier and located in new. York. But not today its hidden,. . . Vhere is this kevin. J. Aronin. . They have been cheating many people around the vorld. Please contact me on hov vee can stopped them once and for all!!

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  • De
      Oct 12, 2007 - Poor service!
    United States

    To Whom it may concern: I have been playing freelotto for about four months now and decided to cancel freelotto,because I can no longer afford it during winter months. I have wrote freelotto three times now starting 10-08-07 and still they are taking money out of my account. The letters are coming back as undelivered and there is no way to contact them to end this situation. This has to stop. Do we all have to come together to sue these people or what...

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  • Af
      Mar 31, 2008

    hi respected sir
    i want some mony for my life i am verry poor my requst i have member of free lotto scheem plz send more info for mony or paid some cash plz
    aftab pk

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  • Ge
      Apr 21, 2008 - fraud

    hi my name is gerard on the 18th of jan 2017 i got an e-mail off a company in new york stating i won 300 dollors 10 thousand dollors and one million dollors and to claim it all i had to do was send 15 dollors which than when i received no money i sent a e-mail to them explaining i won money which they told me they had no record of then when the month was up they ripped me off of another 15 dollors they are based in grand central station new york all i want is my money or these crooks taken off line my name is gerard wall 58 the woodlands navan co meath ireland

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  •   May 19, 2008 - Online scam!
    Grand Central Station
    New York
    New York
    United States

    I was busy on the internet, when a flag came up. CONGRATULATIONS as visitor 999 999 you have won a prize to the value of $2750.00. It sound and look good. So i proceeded. Then they ask you to register to receive your winnings. When done they ask you to become a member. Next thing you register and deductions is made. In my case they deduct monthly three times. I have tried to contact them on 8 Oct 2017, 30 Oct 2017, 8 Jan 2017 and 7 Mar 2017. To cancel as they have the facility but it do not work. It is also a fake. But to no avail. They only send FAQ's This is Frequently Ask Questions.

    What a joke. These guys should be tracked down and bring to Justice.

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  • Ab
      Nov 25, 2008

    my name abdul aleem my son name shafan ali

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  • Ab
      Jan 22, 2009[protected][protected][protected]

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  • Mi
      Jul 13, 2009

    my name is mihai constantin fro in romania i winer free lotto received my prize

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  •   Jul 19, 2009

    wake up and smell the formaldehyde

    and visit


    for instructions on how to properly 'play' lottories by email you never entered

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  • Bo
      Jan 11, 2010 - lost over =$200 aud
    Phone: [protected]

    the sent me scam emails frm cdm crown merchandise andcdm ipr merchandise and cdm merchandise. each one coast =$31.95 us x 3.goods did not get here. they got the money and no show. this is run from .one big scam. sent me an email telling me i had one amillion doollars. not true.i had not one a thing.

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