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FPL / deposit abuse

1 Miami, FL, United States Review updated:

I am preparing a flyer to give out to people and forward to all the major media outlets.
FPL is charging an extra deposit from customers to which FPL's credit exposure is limited to maybe 3 months of payments.

They have NO competition.

We have NO choice.

Imagine a business where you have no competitors and your customers will ALWAYS come back to you, FOR LIFE!!!

Tobacco companies don't even enjoy that kind of customer loyalty.

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  • Sc
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    FPL is shutting off the light at the end of the tunnel until further notice.

    In recent months our nation as a whole has been experiencing a new economic hardship. Many of us have lost our jobs, seen our incomes reduced, our retirements go down in flames, and homes in or at the brink of foreclosure.

    Businesses are suffering as well. We see more and more companies laying off workers, closing stores, and entering into bankruptcy.

    There has been some good though. We are seeing many Americans both rich and poor lend a helping hand. Many mortgage lenders have been patient in dealing with so many defaulted mortgages. Some are offering new or modified loans, short sales, discounts on back interest, or even on principal owed. We may not feel like they are doing enough, but when banks are “forgiving” monies they are entitled to, you know times are tough.

    The government is extending unemployment benefits and other programs while trying to jumpstart the economy any way they can. We may not agree with how they are trying to help, but at least they are doing something.

    Unfortunately there are those who just can’t see beyond their own needs and our newly increased credit risk. One of those is FPL (Florida Power and Light). FPL is a business like any other and should do what it can to weather this economic storm. That being said, unlike any other business, FPL has NO competition for its customers. Customers can choose to pay FPL for their electricity or simply go without.

    While most businesses have seen their receivables go into 90+ days and simply hope their customers will make good on their commitments, FPL has decided to protect itself by demanding a larger “security deposit” from its existing customers who are barely able to keep up with their monthly bill. This “security deposit” is usually close to two month’s bills. If customers are willing to make their payments via automatic debit, then the deposit is waived. Many right now cannot commit to that since they don’t have a steady source of income. Surely FPL could understand that since they have in past years moved so many of their W2 employees to 1099 sub-contractor status.

    FPL must be the envy of countless business owners who have seen their sales dry up while their receivables get old and moldy. Surely they could only dream of a business environment where they could demand a “security deposit” on slow paying customers.

    FPL has not seen their sales volume devastated like car companies and retailers have. Their clients have not run off with thousands of dollars worth of cars, consumer goods, etc. Their exposure is limited to about three months worth of payments from lifetime customers. Not even tobacco companies have the customer loyalty that utilities have.

    Something has to be done. We cannot as a whole endure this economic storm while FPL and other utilities like them choose to use this time to burden its “loyal” hostages (customers) with the hardship of having to come up with money to “secure” FPL’s bottom line.

    Please forward this letter to anyone and everyone. It is necessary to raise awareness within the business community, the public, and our political leaders to put a stop to this.

    Stephen Scott

  • Bi
      18th of Jan, 2009
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    Scott, i am in the same situation, if i do not pay the 420.00 deposit until such date, they will terminate my service.

    It is unacceptable, somebody has to stop this abuse.

    I am with you.

    best regards

  • Ze
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    Call this person.. she will help

    Ellen Plendl
    Regulatory Specialist
    Florida Public Service Commission
    Division of Service, Safety, & Consumer Assistance
    1-800-342-3552 (phone)
    1-800-511-0809 (fax)

  • Ma
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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  • Ar
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    It's abusive and insane. The budget billing is a piece of s... It actually increased my monthly payments and I can't discontinue it because they will add the deferred charges to the next bill. So I will need to pay like $1000 to cancel that program that is supposedly to help you lower your monthly bills and pay more lest the same each month. Honestly, there is no choice, no competitors that you can switch to, they are a monopoly and they are taking advantage of us.

  • Tr
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    I have started a class action lawsuit against Florida Power and Light. If you are interested in joining go to type in Florida Power and Light and add your comments. The more complaints the better. Maybe we people of Florida can finally get some relief from these bullies. I for one am sick and tired of being a slave to their unfair deposit and billing practices and the monopoly that they hold over Floridians.

  • Ce
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    Although I am able to barely keep up my bill monthly even though I paid on time for two years, FPL has now added $150 two months ago for late payment and now another $61 this month. If I already am struggling, then what makes them think I can come up with even more money every month?

    Also, how long can they continue adding even more deposit amounts? Indefinitely? It is ridiculous. These people are thieves!

  • Fp
      8th of Aug, 2010
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    I have roughly a 20 year history as a customer of FPL. My account has always been in good standing and with each and every new residence I took up (perhaps 4 moves in 20 years) I can proudly say that each and every final bill was paid in full and on time. I have never extended any credit to FPL and consider myself to be a 5 star repeat customer.

    Thanks to Mr Madhoff my situation changed significantly in 2009 so I let go of my residence and moved in with a friend. My name was not on the FPL bill but I felt comfortable that now that I am ready to take up single residence again I will have no worries regarding excessive deposits with FPL as my extensive outstanding credit history with them speaks for itself. BOY WAS I FOOLED!!!

    I have been in my new residence for 8 days and finally got around to opening an e-mail from FPL, welcoming me to open an online account for swifter bill pay. The e-mail states that if I would like to continue recieving service I must pay a number just short of $400.00 on top of whatever actual monthly usage fee's are incurred. When I click around the site to try and find an explaination for this obsured number I am only able to come up with red lettering stating that there is no further information, not because of any java script error but because they simply didnt take the time to fulfill their obligation to provide a full view of the monthly statement as if I'm supposed to just shell out this $400.00 with no questions asked.

    I don't know if this business is in violation of the Sherman Act, but clearly, there is no other electric company in Florida so as others have stated, I will be forced to pay this ridiculously unfair and unwarrented dollar amount or risk heat stroke as my indoor thermometer registers 120 degrees.

    I reinterate, I have a 20 year POSITIVE history with FPL and have NOT earned this smack in the face. I can understand an $80 deposit which is the equivalent of a last month security deposit (nevermind that my usual bill is actually $50 to $60) but to FORCE payment or deny service to someone who has earned their trust year after year after year for 20+ years to pay $400 based on nothing more than a grossly distorted projection of potential risk on such a low risk cusumer is simply abusive.

  • La
      13th of Nov, 2013
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    Im Desperate!!!

    Every month FPL Ask me to pay Over 5600.00 my Wife Owns. We were Separated and the light was completely under her name.
    When I rented this house, FPL asked me for a deposit, I paid the amount, a few days later a guy came to my house and asked me to pay $5, 600.00 I almost collapse. When I called FPL the told me that my Wife's Debt was added to my account and that there is nothing I can do. Every month they charged me $ 100 interest on that debt, plus the $400.00 Bill for my charges, plus $244.00 towards that Debt. I try to put the bill under a relative's Name and they refuse completely.
    I lost my Job, I got three kids, the smaller one is only 3yrs old. I'm behind on my car payment.
    I just want to pay my BILLLLLLLLLLLL Nothing else!!! They have a deposit, I paid $430.00 Yesterday and they will disconnect my light tomorrow, Every month is the same problem, , , I call them, make a arrangement for my wife's debt, I can't pay it!I wish I could.
    What should I do?

  • He
      13th of Jul, 2015
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    It's 2015. I can't believe we have the same freakin issue with FPL. They are an illegal monopoly with illegal practices, and somehow they have been doing this for years. Just got off the phne w them. I have been a good standing customer for years. My business has too, plus we have superb credit. Called them because opened a second location. You'd think we'd get some sort of customer loyalty points, but instead we were asked for an additional deposit of $350. Oh and we are a charitable nonprofit. WTF. FU FPL. I rather not have electricity than give u money that u say I am not getting back unless I close the account. While everyone online is complaining that FPL continues to ask for more and more depsoits on standing accounts. This is so wrong on so many level. Please! Someone out there do something!

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