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I hate this god damn company!!! God damn vultures, thieves!! This is an abusive monopoly that impose security deposits even if you are late 1 time!!! Keep it forever in their account! Damn thieves, abusive #. Break this nasty monopoly!!!

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  • Al
      Sep 13, 2011

    FPL is NOT a monopoly...there are actually over 50 other electric companies in the state of Fl (each of which has their own service territory). The deposit amount is determined by the address where service is being requested and it is billed based on the customer's credit history. It is required to secure the account because they bill you for service you have already used during the previous month and on top of that they give you 3 wks to pay (so almost 2 months go by before they get paid for something that has already been consumed). They don't keep the deposit, if you pay your bills on time they will refund it to you.

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  • Dj
      Jun 14, 2012

    You suck, so does fpl. Greedy $uckers. I know everyone has money like you to pay their bills on time! If you don't have the money to pay the bill when the lights go off, do you think you are going to keep the lights off forever ? What are you going to do run away? Of course it's a scam monopoly. And when you actually have the money to turn the lights back on, fpl just thinks you will magically have an extra $200 for a deposit???? On top of your bill? Wtf is wrong with people who defend these ###. I know I know fpl doesnt have enough money. They jest need an extra billion a yea. Go [protected]@@! They are the Worst business ever .what a scam

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  •   Jun 14, 2012

    Be a grownup and pay your bill then.

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  • Wv
      Sep 30, 2012

    One needs to be careful who they ask God to damn. Personally, I do not like to hear or read God's name used in this manner. Maybe you need to increase your vocabulary so alternative words can be used.

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  • Ha
      May 28, 2014

    I am a responsible adult and I do pay my bills, but this company has ###ed EVERY SINGLE BILL I have had with them for the past 3 years. EVERY SINGLE ONE, has had some mystery fee. This time they say my bill is due the 24th of May and then AGAIN on the 12th June??? The actual paper bill (this is the only company I DO NOT trust to simply do things electronically) says $84.52 is due the web site says I owe them over $200 I ask them wth its for and FOUR count them FOUR different employees gave me a different answer, one guy actually stuttered trying to give me an answer. When I was moving and was setting up my power this last time I purposely called 3 times to talk to to a few different people to get my deposit down...3 people gave me 3 different prices!!! really...really!?!? Its total and utter b/s they also tried to tell me last month I never paid a $75 fee (thank god I save EVERYTHING!) They will do WHATEVER they can to get you to pay more then you actually should!!

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