FPL (Florida Power & Light) / raising deposit amount at will!

I enrolled in automatic bill pay when I opened the account because I was told that if I did not enroll, they would charge me a deposit of $331.00. Therefore, I enrolled in automatic bill pay and was still charged a deposit of $165.00. Well, I tolerated that because what choice did I have? Then six months into service, I asked for a payment extension, which FPL granted me, and which I paid on time. Well, right after paying for the payment on the extension, I received a notice telling me that because the payment was paid on an extension that I was going to now have to pay another deposit of an additional $165.00, bringing my total deposit to $330.00, the amount they wanted in the first place---and why? All because I asked for and was granted---by the way---a payment extension, which I did fulfill on time. What is going on at FPL? Are they so mean-spirited and greedy that they are determined to get people's money even when the people are good customers? I moved to Florida from Georgia where Georgia Power never treated me so badly. Of course, when I moved to Florida, many people told me that FPL was a mean-spirited, greedy, nasty utility company. I suppose the people were right!

Mar 02, 2016

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