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Fpl (Florida Power & Light) / deposit demand

1 Palm Coast, FL, United States Review updated:

I am writing in hopes someone out there gets angry enough to file a class action lawsuit against FPL for unfair utilities practice. I lost my employment Jan. 8 2009 and because of a mistake on an account (Nov.of 2008) the check was returned. I found out this happened and I paid it by cash right away, but today Feb.20 2009 I received a threat from FPL that if I did not send an additional deposit of $184.00 by Feb 24 2009 power would be shut off. I wanted to see if others were having the same problems with Florida Power & Light so I checked online and was not surprised to find many complaints. I did however noticed something interesting, FPL demanding different amounts from different customers.
I was wondering do they (FPL) set these extra deposits on a whim?
If you want to know what to do, write Gov. Charlie Crist and tell him what this bully is allowed to do to all of us. Want real change? Fight Back!!

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  • Bi
      21st of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i have the same issue, this strong armed robbery. i got my cut off notice today for the 24. i still have a job and never bounced a check. they said i was late once 3 days and once 10 days. i wrote a letter back to them trying to explain that is not late and they need to wake up. they want 2 months for a deposit which is $684.00 btw i have a 815 cedit score! i sent a letter to help me howard at channel7 but no response. next stop consumer affairs for the state of fla. this bull !@#$%^&*(

  • Cc
      21st of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @biminibrad It is a scam. How did you receive the notice ?. Don't believe any phone call saying so.

  • Fa
      24th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    FPL is doing this to everyone. I have been late only twice, in 10 years, and just received a notice for a $627.00 deposit. And my bill is not even late yet. My bill is not due until March 6th, and they have already sent out the threaat. I called customer service, and they said, pay the deposit or auto-pay! Bottom Line! This is not right! Does this mean that people out of jobs (most of america!) will be living without any electric? In florida, that is like living without food and water. Are they tryting to kill off Floridians? We need to do something -how do we begin?

  • Da
      6th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    They have to make salary for their $30 per hour employees.

    Our needs do not matter. They do not care.

  • Co
      9th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree that something needs to be done. I received a demand for a 603 dollar deposit in December of 08. I have been a customer for over ten years. FLP bills every four weeks, therefore, they receive 13 monthy payments. This is robbery and unfair. I have paid all bills on time, but have not paid this deposit. Therefore, my electricity was shut off even with my regular payments. If the Florida Public Service Commission will not act to protect us, what rights do we have?

  • Ho
      10th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I completely agree, and I work for the State of Florida Attorney General Office. Trying to complain did not help at all. I paid my deposit of $350 and received my first month bill for $50, two weeks after I moved into my apartment. I was late paying my bill due to I thought this could not be true I just moved in, and plus I thought I would receive a real bill so I paid 2 days late. O.k. my service was disconnected due to I was late, and I was told they have 24hours to restore service. Who gave you 24 hours?. The re-connection department, so are you working the complete 24hours to restore service? NO, they stop re-connection at 7:00 p/m and will not start re-connection again until 7:00 a/m. So you are not doing all that you can to re-connect and you gave yourself 24hours??? When did the work order go out to reconnect It was generated when the payment was made (YESTERDAY), .. However it was not given to a rep until 9:30 a/m to start re-connection process this morning. This is so misleading??? And the Deposit goes by what the bill was for the previous tenant if the previous person bill was around $150 or $125 a month than you as a new tenant deposit will be $300 to $350 it is not based on your credit only on the previous person. Even if it is a new house/home if service was ever connected at the address that is in use. and to complain #1-800-342-8554 Public Commission (GOOD LUCK WITH THEM).. :(

  • An
      28th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thanks for the phone number to complain against this bad company, they know we cannot cancel the service so they do whatever they want. I am a customer for over 12 years on the same address, last years I paid one bill late and they asked $600 deposit, because I complain they agreed to make it in installment, but last month the due date was Sunday and I paid over the phone on Monday, yesterday a FPL representative, without uniform, or any identification harassed my mother and my 17 years old son, he said he was from FPL collection and he need a check or he would disconnect the service. My mom is very old and she end up with blood pressure over 190, so I took her to the doctor. I wonder if it is legal to harass an old lady. I called FPL and asked if they would pay the doctors billing? No response just a PO Box address for their legal department, no phone number, no address in Florida only in Texas, why Florida Power Line has no address in Florida?
    I wish someone out there help the consumers against FPL abuses!

  • Fp
      7th of Apr, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Well... What can I say? The only people complaining about an additional deposit or about FPL in general are bad paying customers one way or another. I think people should do some research online go to and compare other companies with FPL policies and rates, you'll be amazed of the rates, fees and the company policies in general of other utilities. I think FPL should not be the only company allow here that way you can choose what company do you want to have the service with, I'm sure if the customer is a bad paying customer with FPL will also be a bad paying customer with any other company they have service with. If you check online and read the additional deposit policy by the way approved by the FPSC you will see that FPL is not doing anything that could be a problem to them or illegal. An additional deposit is billed when you have at least 2 months of late payment history on that account within the last 6 months of service. The last guy that says was billed a deposit for one late payment is not true obviously he's lying, and about the collector? If you have to have a collector collecting the payment is because the payment was already late, a final notice which is a notice to avoid disconnection for non payment was issued and also expired. None of the complaint and issues that this people have are valid, I'm sure if you run a company you would want your customer to also pay for a service you are providing. People thing FPl is a charity company that if you have a sick person or if you have children's you are not going to get disconnected if you don't make payments when the truth is, if you cannot afford to have children's don't have them and if you need assistance that's why you pay taxes every month request assist from the government directly because FPL is not a government agency assisting customers that don't pay their electric bill.

  • Fr
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Times are hard here In the united states and we can't even get our own government to help the people. They give our money away and then the economy falls and yet they still give fpl the right to increase deposits.It is not about people who can't pay on time .They can't pay until yhey have the money and they will pay during that month.What happened to Humanity?Some people are not rich and just get by with what they can do .It is not like anyone could get another job anyway right now.It makes me very upset that our government won't do anything about this and i know it has been brought to their attention.What do They think we are made of money ?There are no competitive companies either.What is that?america is not america right now i feel like i am in a prison made to be a slave to money.Give the government all your money or else!taxes, increased deposits, increasing bills, increased food.The government should just go print all the free money they want and give that to whom ever they like and leave America alone !We won't remain america if they keep treating us this way.

  • Fp
      22nd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Obviously the jerk who posted a comment 44 days ago is an FPL rep. the only power company avail to FL is FPL so they do whatever they want. MR. or Mrs 44 days ago comment guy listen to this, like hundreds of us here in south FL we had to close our company in Feb 09, bills still being paid on time but very tight. Anyway I made my payment online like usual, got a confirmation code and auth # like usual, and a week later received a notice in the mail for an additional deposit amount due to a late pymt. When I contacted FPL they told me it was a system error on their part which is why the pymt was applied to the account the next business day (making the pymnt 1 day late). 44 days ago FPL rep hope your still listening, FPL then told me there was nothing that could be done and the deposit stands. After arguing this for days I got in touch with a "Service Manager" and she told me if I didnt like it to go somewhere else. Thanks FPL i wish I had the resources and time to do whatever it took to at least be a thorn is your monopoly. You suck and karma is a b$%@h!!!

  • Tb
      11th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Today, 6/10/2009, when I arrived home from work, I saw a notice on my door that my FPL service had been disconnected. I knew that there had been a payment due on the account, but I didn't realize that service was about to be interrupted. I immediately called and paid my bill over the phone. This, of course, means that I have to wait "up to 24 hours" to have my service restored, which translates to "tomorrow". There are several problems with the way this is/was done:

    1. The notice placed on my door gives me no time to act to prevent service interruption. Other utilities (gas, water) also place notices on the door, but their notices act as final warnings that service WILL BE interrupted if the bill is not paid by noon TOMORROW. This would be a simple enough thing for FPL to do - the collector could leave a warning notice and (as the other utilities do) tack on a fee to the account for the courtesy of coming by the house to leave the notice. This would give their customers one last chance to pay the amount due before FPL takes adverse action against them.

    2. I am enrolled in FPL Email Billing, but no notice was ever sent to my email address indicating to me that there was an impending service interruption. I have every email that FPL has ever sent me, and at no time did I receive such a notice. I was told conflicting things by their customer service people – one told me that final notices are sent out by both email and regular mail, but another told me that their policies dictate that after they send a reminder email, if the bill is unpaid, they then send the final notice by regular mail only. My question is - if I'm signed up to receive all bills by email, why wouldn't they send a copy of the final notice by email? It makes no sense at all that they wouldn't do this, since it would cost them nothing, and if I were to receive an email from FPL with the subject "DISCONNECTION IMMINENT", well, I can guarantee you that I'd drop whatever I was doing and log in and pay that bill immediately. Instead, the only emails I have received didn't indicate that there was going to be any disconnection:

    --On May 21st, I received an email that said the following: Sometimes things can slip our minds. So please accept this friendly reminder that ALL or PART of your FPL bill in the amount of $211.91 will be overdue on May 26, 2009. If you have already sent in your payment, or scheduled a payment online, thank you. However, to ensure prompt payment of your current bill, we offer the time-saving links listed below:

    Note that this email didn't say anything about a deadline to pay this amount that was going to be overdue on 5/26/09. It simply said it would be overdue on that date.

    --On June 6th, I received another email from FPL. Nowhere on this email did it state that there was any potential service interruption. The only notice on this email about payments stated: Currently, your account has a balance of $335.20, due on June 25, 2009. I hope that someone at FPL can understand that a customer who gets an email that says a balance is due by June 25th would assume that they had until June 25th to pay that balance. Barring any other notification in the email concerning possible interruption of service if the overdue portion of the balance was not paid immediately, that would be any reasonable person's assumption.

    --My May 2009 bill from FPL states the following: Payment received after May 26, 2009 is considered LATE; a late payment charge of 1.50% will apply and your account may be subject to an adjusted deposit billing.

    Notice that this is the only warning on my May bill about late payments - no talk of service interruptions of any kind if the late payment is not received by a certain date.

    --My June 2009 bill from FPL states the following: Did you forget? $203.32 of this bill is past due. If payment has been made, we thank you and apologize for this reminder. -Payment received after June 25, 2009 is considered LATE; a late payment charge of 1.50% will apply and your account may be subject to an adjusted deposit billing.

    Again - there is no talk in the June bill of service interruptions. Any reasonable person reading my June bill would see that yes, I had a payment that was past due, but that I was still in the "friendly reminder" stage, where FPL is reminding me that I need to pay that past due amount.

    I understand that I was sent a final notice through the mail, but the reason I signed up for email billing in the first place is because email notifications are much more effective for me. I read every email, while I sometimes don't get a chance to open every envelope that is delivered to my home because I am often not home for extended periods of time. Had I received said final notice through EMAIL, in addition to through the regular mail, this problem would not have occurred. Had FPL made some effort to make it clear on either my May or June bill, or in the May or June emails that I received to tell me my bill was available, that service would be interrupted on a certain date if payment was not made, this problem would not have occurred.

    Had I paid my bill on time, this problem also would not have occurred - so please don't think I'm shirking responsibility for that. I'm simply asking why FPL's bills contain confusing information that misleads consumers into thinking that they have more time to act than they do, and why, for a customer who has indicated they prefer to receive correspondence via email, they wouldn't send a copy of the final notice using that method in addition to the paper notice.

  • We
      17th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Neither am I a bad paying customer and I have excellent credit, bought a home in West Palm Beach and was still charged a deposit for 1mo. Which was the average amount of 1 month usuage even though I wasn't living there at the time. I was told by a FPL rep that this is a standard practice so I believe him more than this idiot stating the deposit was because you're a bad paying customer or not. The problem is FPL is the only game in town and they know it. If you don't like their game you either deal with them or move out of state. All the large energy companies forced the smaller companies out for this very reason. Politician don't do anything about it because Energy is big business and alot of them get kickbacks. They are no better than Madoff!! Something really needs to be done and the sad thing is most Attorneys won't have anything to do with a lawsuit. It's going to take FPL killing some old person or baby because they shut their lights off for no reason or schedule.

  • We
      17th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    If anyone is interested in legal action against FPL contact me at

  • Br
      11th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You all have to relize, it is the CEO OF Florida Power. We been waiting for florida power to fix a problem for three whole years.

    We have a item on the pole hanging by one prong. We trying to prevent it from falling and hiting the line and causing alot of people where I live to have no power.

    Same employee as last time came out here today and said he is disguested that florida power didn't do anything. He called his boss, and his boss said it be done by the end of this week. I don't belive that one bit. The guy also said Florida Power assume to let it fall and cause problems, instead of fixing the problem, before it causes other problems. It's been two months by the way.

    All these big companys, the CEO is geting rich off the customers and don't give a care what happens to their customers, as long as they have enugh $ to support themsevles and be rich.

    Three years this about.

  • Ca
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also have the same problem with FPL. (thugs). They treat people with no respect even having a new born baby at home I sent them a payment then a couple of days later they shut my power off. I called to find out what was going on they said it was a mistake by their part and that somebody would turn it back on within 24 hours, mind you it was 2 pm I pleaded to have someone come and get it on before night time but they dont care the power didnt come on to about noon the next day. I was so furious... I hate FPL i wish i knew how to fight them how to start a petition for a class action law suit against them. If anybody is reading this and has the knowledge or ability to get something going against these criminals please let me know. Now i hear they are asking to raise their rates by over 30% thats rediculous its too high as is... :o(


  • Ag
      4th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Count me in on a Class Action filing. Don't worry about the dork above that doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. he'll get his. This is robbery. And they have been doing this for a long time. What happened to all the money to replace the power poles that they have been taking from us every month in our bills since the beginning or time? this money was for improvements, yet we get hit with a Hurrican and off they go to our gov to get more money because they had to replace all the poles that should have already been replaced. And the dork above probably doesn't work for FPL because alot of good folks that work for FPL feel the same way we do.


  • Je
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    my name is jennifer and i live in east palatka florida with my husband jayson and 3 small children.
    we had our little girl on june 16, 2009 and we did get a month behind on our bill we didnt mean to but willow was very sick she almost died thank god she did not we already have paid them a $250.00 dep last year when we bought our home but now thy have charged us another dep for being late with our husband works for fedex and i will start with fedex also but not till oct 14 2009 we dont make much money at all, but now our bill has to be paid today and it totals $704.79 because of another dep now they will have $500.00 from us in deposits this is very unfair to all of us hard workers.Please if anyone has any info they can help me with.
    thank you and god bless you all...

  • Iv
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    can someone pls tell me what can we do?? to this ###S.. they dont realize and dont care about people with small children and disconnect your electricity.. I betcha 100 to 1 that the CEO gets free electricity.. and those ###ING employees sound like a damn machine, , I will be the first one to start a lawsuit against FPL.. this is totally unfair!

  • Mz
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I lost my job 2 weeks ago and busy trying to find another. Got an FPL notice that if I dont pay my bill of $770 for two MONTHS, and an additional $770 deposit my power will be diconnected.
    I dont know who to turn to, there is no one to speak to, and any attempt to explain a dire situation falls on deaf ears. I am a single mom of two kids, with no other income except what I can provide.
    I asked them how can it be that Im paying $360 a month for a 1400sqft townhouse, when I dont have a dishwasher or a working waterheater? all my neighbors pay around $120!! no one cares.

    Since when has it become standard practice to be so unyeilding, especially when so many people out there are having problems. BANKS need a bailout... what about PEOPLE?!

  • Jo
      16th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm new to the whole FPL thing, I'm relocating from Washington DC to Miami. We don't pay deposits on utilities here. FPL won't turn on the power at my new house that I'm moving into next week in Miami. They said that thier decision on requiring me to pay an upfront a deposit was based on the decision that Equifax made for them. FPL refused to do a conference call with Equifax so, I got "John" from Equifax on the phone and we did a conference call to FPL. FPL rep then said 'again' that they based thier decision on what Equifax told them, the Equifax rep, with no hesitation spoke up and said that they do not make those decision for FPL. He then proceeded to tell the FPL rep that I had a 788 credit score and have never missed a payment, EVER and my credit was considered as "EXCELLENT".
    I work in the financial industry and know how important credit is. This is [censored] BS!!! Here I am being a single parent with two kids moving into our new house and they have a legal 'ROBBERY" procedure so they can use my deposit $$ as they see fit to pay thier bills or collect interest on it.
    I know that in Northern VA, if there are infants, minors or elderly people living in the property, the local governments gets involved and makes them turn or keep the power on and they must accept what ever payment you can afford. Is this the same for Florida????

  • Jo
      16th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    John DL email:

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