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FPL Deposit Rip Off / fpl ignorant to life

1 Loxahatchee, FL, United States

I have lived in my home for 16 years AND many times have paid two mos at a time in advance. That, with prior residences I have paid FPL at least $92, 000 over the last 27 years and in recent 15 years, my house which we built and my 5 children live, I have paid them $63, 000.

NOW I get a mandatory deposit requiring me to pay $497.00 by Nov 11, 2010 or ELSE! I call the customer service, what is going on with all these companies who employ these ruthless that are ignorant to life, bills, family, ailing relatives, hard times of what their parents are going through! I spoke to Kenneth who states there is no one above him he is the supervisor of billing and I cannot speak to anyone else, and there is not another number I can call and he cannot and will not remove my REQUIRED deposit. He dint care, he didnt help, he did nothing but tell me tough. I have always paid my bill, may have been late but my late charges have been paid in full! NOW divorced and trying to keep the lights on, with 5 kids and trying to finish my school I tell Kenneth this and he doesn't care, told me to pay the deposit or get someone to guarntee my bill when I leave and stick FPL with my past due bill!! I said your kidding right? I have been in the house for 15 yeas owner builder home, raised/raising 5 kids here, local schools and you want me to fork over $497 to guarantee I wont stick your company for the last bill when I have paid over $90, 000 to your company!!! WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE WITH THESE BILLING PEOPLE???? Seriously, ruthless, ignorant to real life.

So I explain that if I had $497 for the deposit, THEN I wouldnt have been late!!! But obviously he didnt understand that either. AND not to mention that mail for months last year was not gotten to the house because of being forwarded to the "X" but I told Kenneth this too. . . .

Doesn't it mean anything to have been with a company for all these years and paid your bills and paid late fees mind you, but that didnt make a difference either. Ruthless FPL THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEY WAY THEY PRACTICE BUSINESS. I AM. IF and when I get an option I will no longer be an FPL costumer - shame on them!!! IM GOING SOLAR

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