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FPL / deposits/terrorists in deltona

1 Deltona, FL, United States Review updated:

I've had the displeasure of having FPL as my utlity company for over 1 year now, I was charged the initial deposit to start the account and a couple of months later I get a notice of disconnection for another $150 deposit, I called and asked why and was informed it as due to my " tardiness" in paying my electric bill, when I asked astounded since I pay the same exact time every month, I was informed that I've been paying in the middle of the month and the bill is due in the beginning of the month (as my rent is) I informed the agent that I couldnt pay them in the beginning of the month due to that and the answer was "Its not my problem". Fine, after weeks and weeks of arguments back and forth over the issue I asked if I paid the $150 ransom they could just leave me the hell alone and was informed that no other deposit would be charged on my account, but guess what? FPL must need some new shoes because out of nowere I get ANOTHER disconnect notice, now 1 YEAR AFTER THE FIRST DEPOSIT with me making the payments EVERY MONTH at the SAME TIME for an additional $79!!! I called and was informed by the manager who must be related if not Jesus Christ himself as he put it politely "there is NOBODY else you can speak to, it doesnt go any higher then me" that if I didnt pay it would be shut off, I asked why he said the same thing, I asked WHY!!! WHY I've been paying for over 12 months at the same time and all of a sudden there is the need for another deposit, here is the info I got it folks straight from the [censored]es mouth: FPL can charge deposits at ANY TIME for ANY AMOUNT they see fit, if your bill is due on the 5th and you pay on the 8th YOUR LATE and they can charge you another deposit..And if you dont guess what? theyll cut you power. They're a bunch of bullies with representatives who lack the intelligence to explain even the simplest bill to inept managers who have not a CLUE to what theyre doing, answering the phone with the politeness and finesse of Tony Soprano, the company is SO BAD folks that there is an AUTOMATED COMPLAINT LINE!! And the worst thing is NOBODY DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! ITs a [censored] sandwich that FPL forces down our throats every month and because they're not regulated they can keep terrorizing their customers forever and there is NOTHING being done about it.. People talk about terrorism abroad, what about the terrorists right here? Holding us hostages and demanding whatever they want as ransom? Why should they be able to hold us in the palm of their hands and squeeze more and more deposits whenever they're running out of money? Im considering moving my entire family from Deltona so I dont have to deal with them its THAT AWFUL I live on a budget with 3 kids and cant afford to take $200 out of my rectum whenever FPL decides they need it, I dont know what we need to do or who we need to talk to but something NEEDS to be done about this company's business tactics.

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  • Br
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Please e-mail your state rep re this. I did. FPL must be stopped.

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