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I have had numerous problems with FPL in recent months, the worst happened today, I recieved a final notice pending shut off, my bill was due 6/23, I attempted to pay this bill everyday for 5 days starting 6/19 through western union speedypay, ( FPL's Credit/Debit payment processing). I Continuously received the error " This card is not allowed". I have used this card several times in the past, at one time charged $16.00 fee, which is supposed to be $3.25 or $3.95 over and above the amount of payment. After recieving the final notice I attempted once again, only to receive the same error.
I thought maybe my balance was low on the card, not the issue, I had more than enough funds to cover my payment, the card I was using was a pre-paid debit card that had been used before numerous times. I tried another card that Is owned by WESTERN UNION, ( they are the ones I pay to load the card with funds), again DENIED.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Daytona Beach, FLI called FPL to complain, all they could say was "We apologize sir, Western Union no longer accepts Visa"
WHAT?? No one could tell me this the first time I attempted to make a payment?, I had to spend over $20.00 in ATM and Pre-paid load fee's to transfer money and spend 4 hours at a local bank to open a checking account to pay this bill. I have had several problems with FPL, I am unemployed and have informed them that I am the only person with an income. That means nothing to them, THEY DEMAND YOUR MONEY, BUT ONLY UNDER TERMS THEY SET! I have never had ANY utilility reject any form of payment!! At one time several months ago, I requested an extension with a partial payment, informing them that I would pay the remaining balance within 3 days, I was told the extension with a partial payment of $46.56 was granted with no threat of disconnect as long as the remaining balance of $53.65 was made within 3 days, my power was shut off the next day, I have a $266.00 deposit with them, and now have been billed an additional $56.00, due in one week. My bill never goes above $150.00 a month
FPL has monopolized many area's of Florida, they need to be stopped!
Anyone interested in starting a petition to the Governers office of Florida, please e-mail me at [protected]

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  • Fp
      Sep 06, 2012

    FPL should not be making it difficult for people to pay their FPL bills. I am unemployed and have funds sent to the Visa debit card from unemployment - I can pay almost everything with that except for FPL...and I still haven't figured out how to pay them. Please accept visa unemployment debit cards.

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