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Forever 21 / bad merchandise quality

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I emailed the following letter to Forever 21. I am not hopeful for a positive resolution based on what I have read and if so, they have lost a customer and I will spread the word.
"I am writing because I recently had a terrible experience with not only your merchandise but also with a store manager.
On July 9th I purchased a shirt from your Newmarket, Ontario Canada location (located in the Upper Canada Mall). I didn't try the shirt on in the store, I just picked my size and paid for it. I didn't wear the shirt until July 11th when I had the shirt on for about 45 minutes when I realized there was a hole where the material had torn apart underneath the armpit right along the seem. After further inspection of the shirt I realized that almost the entire seem was like this and that the shirt was basically ready to tear upon purchase. I went on vacation for a week otherwise I would have returned it the next day. Today (July 19th) I went back to the location, explained that I had the shirt on for about 45 minutes before I realized it was ripped. I wasn't demanding my money back, I wasn't even being rude... I didn't even go in expecting an argurment because I assumed the situation was so obviously in my favour that of course I would be able to exchage it or receive a store credit as I shop at Forever 21 often and know that it's exchanges and store credits only. The manager, whose name I unfortunately didn't think to get until after I left the store, promptly and without listening to my story sharply advised me that because I wore the shirt there was nothing she could do. I explained that I didn't even leave the house before I noticed the rip and only had it on for a short period of time. She repeated again the store policy preceeded by"the receipt clearly states that...". It was completely rude and arrogant. She even walked away from me after she said it! So I told her"obviously you stand by your merchandise then?"at which point she stated yes, she did.
I am completely disgusted by my experience today. As someone that frequently shops at your store I feel like I have no rights and was completely taken advantage of. If this is your policy then would my rights not be void upon trying on the garment in the change room? I have technically"worn"it at that point, right? I could easily have lied and said I didn't wear it but I truly didn't think that I would be turned away because the shirt was VERY obviously faulty. Where does this end? Would I now have to analyze ALL merchandise purchased at Forever 21 for any hint of rips or tears? This seems pretty extreme but it also seems that this managers actions were pretty extreme considering all she heard was that I tried the shirt on at my house and saw it as an"out". Pathetic. Is your company SO willing to lose a customer over a $15 shirt? I know $15 is not alot of money but it is simply the principle of the matter... Especially given that I probably would have used the credit towards something that cost more. I know that I am only one customer but I will make sure that I have a voice. I feel completely taken advantage of and I hope that you will do right by this"one customer"so that I can tell people that Forever 21 stands behind their merchandise and value their customers instead of the opposite. I'm not asking for more than what I paid for... Not EVEN what I paid for. Please, do the right thing."

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  • Rh
      27th of Dec, 2009
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    Orlando, the situation was not in your favor. You did not examine the shirt, therefore, it's your fault. It's unfortunate the the associate was rude to you, but it happens.

  • No
      28th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    That's insane (to the comment left by Rhett7337.)
    You should not have to examine every seam before you buy something from a store. Obviously
    it is a smart idea, as not every shirt made will be perfect. But when you do come across something that is of poor quality, you should be allowed to make an exchange in the very least.
    People tend to forget that PRICE is IRRELAVENT. The statement "you get what you pay for" does not actually apply. If you buy something wheather it's $3.00 or $300.00, you are spending your hard earned cash.

    I recently bought a coat from Forever 21. Normally the quality is fair, to average, but I've always known that. When I bought the coat, I looked it over. It was fine. That was on Nov 13th. My birthday.
    I looked at my coat today December 28th, which is about two months time. There are huge rips in the seams. It is literally unraveling. If I was an active person, I could see this being ok. But I've only worn the coat now for two weeks. And I don't let anything touch it since it is white.
    I spent $40.00 on it, which isn't a lot for a winter coat, but I should be able to wear it more than a month.

    As for the Manager's attitude. That isn't right. Of course she is human, but she also has to be able to control herself, if she wants to have that responsiblity.

  • Le
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Forever 21 - Mail order
    United States

    This is the wrong order and it's the wrong price
    Why am I paying shipping on your mistake
    I've called visa
    They are waiting to hear back
    I've spoken to three people so far and I'm not sure anyone understands what is wrong
    Would someone figure this out
    I need some money and postage back

  • Do
      21st of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Forever 21 - Forever 21 unrefunded money
    Los Angeles
    United States

    On January 23 I was charged be forever 21 $289.11 order number 74421521 for items I never got. On February 8, I was promised a refund of my money. It's now March 14 still no money on my account. I am from a third world country and I need my money back.

  • No
      4th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    Forever 21 - store atmosphere
    United States

    Your store in Morgantown mall Morgantown wv is not only a mess every time we go in, but the music is insanely too loud!! Went in there Thursday April 13, 2017 and couldn't even hear my kids standing right beside me. I didn't know I was walking into a club, so ridiculous!

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