Ford The Glenn / i'm complaining about the very very bad service

Johannesburg Gauteng, ZA
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From my 20 000 km services I have compliant to the services department about a noise by the front wheel.

I have had my vehicle to the dealership now 6 time. The first 5 time they could not find out what is wrong. On the 5th visit I even took the service department head in the vehicle with me, and he said he know what is wrong. Once again go my car back, being told all is fine. Drive around the block again the same problem, noise by the front vehicle.

I took my car in today the 6th time and now they discover that it is the shock and some other thing that needs to be replaced.

But that is not all. Apparently because I didn't take my car in for the service with in a year of the other service, my warranty has expired. But it was taken for a service before the 60 000 km service. So now they have to get a extended warranty approved which take 3 days to 3 weeks.

Then I need to take my car back for the 7th time. I have never in my live been so disappointed with the services and a dealership.

I will advise all I know and it is a lot of people not to ever buy a Ford or use Ford The Glenn.

Nov 18, 2016

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