Ford Motor Company / woody folsom ford dealership, beyond poor service

Little Elm, TX, United States
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Good evening,

I've purchased many Ford cars in my time, and need to info you of terrible service one of your dealerships is practicing, which is your Woody Folsom Ford Dealership. (

I have asked Katie Brewer and Dewayne Davis, many times, (at least 5 times) for either a window sticker, build sheet, or maintenance history, of a car at this deanship and was told they will send it, and then they fail to do so, and won't even answer emails.

This dealership is giving the Ford name a bad reputation. This dealership is not worthy to sale the best America car with these two individuals representing your good name. I have never received such poor dealer service in my life. This dealer needs a staffing change, or a customer service education class.

I though you should know this.

Thank you,

Todd Brand

Jun 21, 2017

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