Ford Motor Company / unethical car dealership... or all my fault?

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Last Saturday, Oct. 21st, 2017, my 2011 Ford Edge broke down and had to be towed. I didn't to have it towed to Asheville Ford Lincoln due to my horrible experience with them last May, so I had AAA tow it to the AAA repair shop (which happened to be one block from my house).
AAA removed and replaced 6 Spark Plugs and two coils for $714. When they started it up again, the computer (PCM) burned up two of the spark plugs and one of the coils. They called Ford and were told that only Ford could fix the problem and that the computer had to be replaced along with Ford spark plugs and coils. So AAA placed all the coils and spark plugs in the car and the car was towed back to the Asheville Ford Lincoln company Monday afternoon, Oct. 23rd.

Late today, Oct. 24th, I was told: "The PCM is bad (has failed drivers) and needs to be replaced. Cannot say for sure if this occurred before or after AAA attempted a repair on the vehicle. We can warranty this part on good faith to save you some money. To be able to warranty the PCM, we will have to return the spark plugs & coils back to factory specifications. Because the vehicle currently has aftermarket coils installed, I cannot replace the PCM until Ford parts are installed in the vehicle. Aftermarket coils are known causes of PCM failure and can cause this concern to reoccur.

The replacement of the 2 failed coils, 6 plugs, and intake gaskets (have to be removed and replaced during spark plug replacement) would be $797.81 plus tax.
Please advise how you'd like me to proceed."

I responded by asking if AAA were to replace all the original Ford parts, would Ford then replace the PCM etc [meaning: the PCM, spark plugs and coils, ALL of which are covered] for free as per the warranty? If so, I could have the car towed back to them.

His response: " maintain the warranty it has to be mechanically sound otherwise...If the original parts are reinstalled and the misfire is still present, it's still not up to date and I wouldn't be able to cover the PCM until the misfire condition is corrected."

My response: "The misfire will be present because THAT IS WHY I HAD IT TOWED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Your response is just not was clearly not mechanically sound on Saturday or it would not have broken down. Please reconsider your decision."

His response: see 3rd text below. Basically, his answer was "no."
I paid for the Premium Maintenance Plan. I have already spent $714 for AAA to repair it...and Ford won't replace my original parts to help me avoid paying an additional $798.

Shouldn't Ford make it clear to other mechanics that their repairs won't work? Is this all my fault since I didn't have the car towed to Ford?
I opened a case with Ford Corporate office: #CAS13392565.

They really have me over a barrel and meanwhile I'm still car-less. They couldn't even let me know if I qualified for a replacement rental car because it took them so long to even look at my car. They must be terribly understaffed or very poorly managed...or worse.

I would like them to repair my vehicle at no cost, as per the warranty.

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company

Oct 24, 2017
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  • Fu
      Nov 19, 2017

    Sounds like a typical experience at a Ford Stealership. How they remain the number one brand in America Escapes me.

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