Ford Motor Company / transmission replacement request: powertrain on 2018 ford fusion. 8600 miles

United States

I took my Ford Fusion to the dealer after I was on Interstate 465 in Indianapolis driving 65 miles an hour when there was a big bump in the engine and the car would not drive faster than 20 miles an hour. The service wrench did pop up on the dash.
The service dept said the transmission fluid was down two pints. The transmission is a closed system so the error must have happened at the factory. After adding fluid the tech could not duplicate the problem I had and there was no other problems found.

On Christmas eve one week later I took my fusion back. The service wrench popped on everyday. The car would lose power and be unable to accelerate. The car would jerk or have hard bumps between gears or when stopping. I called 7 days later and asked for a update on my fusion. The tech could not duplicate my complaints and I was told they had driven the car around Interstate 465 more than once.
My service rep said he needed to contact the technician and find out if they wanted to keep the car one more day or not. The next day I was informed the transmission was being pulled and parts had been ordered.
One week later the gears are bumping hard when the car is placed in reverse, In frist and third gear and when stopping.
While driving the gear has not engaged and the engine is surging. When sitting at a red light the car would not move for a few seconds once the light has turned green. The hard bumps and or gear jerks have become more violent.
The car has become scary and unsafe to drive. Based on my new car warranty, my ford fusion should have the transmission replaced or the car replaced. I am in search of customer satisfaction.

Feb 8, 2019

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