Ford Motor Company / rear window breaking

Delaware Iowa, US

On the morning of March 13th, the right rear window shattered on my 2011 F150. The rear glass has the electric sliding glass window with window defrost. I knew there was an issue with the defroster not working correctly so when it wouldn't work, I wasn't too concerned. When I discovered the shattered glass, I recalled reading an article about there being an issue with several model years of F150 window breaking for no reason. The vehicle has 96K miles on it so it is well beyond warranty replacement. I now have to pay the deductible on my insurance to replace this window that I didn't break due to negligence. This is a problem with the design of the truck.

I called Ford customer care and was told that there is no recall but the information was logged for future reference in case there is a recall or whatever.

I'm figuring on having to absorb the cost of replacement as I cannot leave it as is. I would like for Ford to accept the fact that there is an issue and issue a recall or at least cover the cost of replacement or offset my deductible. I will keep my insurance documents and receipts for the replacement in case there is something later on that I can recoup my losses.

I am a diehard Ford fan and wouldn't want to own anything else. Please do the right thing and own this fault. It is much cheaper to make customers happy right away and keep their loyalty than to lose them and have to try getting them back.

Mar 14, 2017

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