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Bella Vista, AR, United States
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I paid $3600 for Premium Ford Service which is in my contract in my monthly Ford payments therefore, I cannot get that money back, and even though I have to keep making these service contract monthly payments every month, I will not go back to Ford to service my truck and here's why. I went to a Ford dealership to service my Ford yesterday. They told me that my rotors need to be changed and that they are so ground down that they are warped. Ford has been servicing my vehicle and supposedly have kept up the brakes. This service at the dealership told me that I must have been riding my brakes. I had another Ford truck that I put over 400, 000 miles on and never had to change my rotors. I don't ride my brakes. This Ford service center told me that Ford service centers have never given me my Premium Ford service. When I contacted the Ford complaint office, they contradicted this Ford dealership service center and said that I have had my Premium service done according to my records and that it shows that I have never had my rotors turned by a service center. It seems to me that something fishy has been going on. Could it be possible that this Premium service contract or other contract services that you pay for is only to get you to come in so that some sort of hanky panky can be done to your vehicle, so that you have to spend more money on parts? In other words, some dishonesty? Is American motors still in the parts business in some form or the other? I'm not taking my Ford truck to any dealership any more for service because I don't trust them anymore. Nor will I buy another Ford truck!

Jun 10, 2017

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