Ford Motor Company / 2018 ford f-150 xlt crew cab 4x4

Seaside, CA, United States

About four or five months ago the power to my truck just died while I was driving it I had nothing but a buzzing noise coming from several of the doors. After slamming those doors the noise went away and I literally had no power the power steering locked up nothing would work including the emergency lights I was in the roadway and it was pitch black outside. This happened again the following day it was a Saturday and Sunday I was able to restart my truck each time by disconnecting the negative battery cable and reconnect in it. I brought it into service however after looking at it they returned it to me and said they found nothing wrong two weekends ago it did it again in the middle of the roadway about a block from my house I was stuck in the street again and quickly disconnected the battery cable reconnected it was able to pull at about 10 feet up onto the curb and I did it again . I brought it in that Monday and the service manager John called me and said that had about 1000 codes and they were going to try and re-create the problem two weeks of gone by and he called me today and said he didn't know what else to do other than have me take the truck and drive it some more until it happened again because his mechanics were not able to get it to happen I had told them this would be the case as it took months for me to get it to repeat. He said his mechanics had an idea what it might be but that Ford corporate would not approve any repairs Unless his mechanics experienced the same problem while driving my car/truck.

I currently have a loaner from the dealership and told John I would return it when my truck was fixed but not before then I attempted to call corporate for customer service but only received answering machine's and voice messages I have left several messages over the last few days but have yet to get a callback. It appears to me like my dealership is trying to fix my truck but getting grief when they go to order parts to put in. And it's a parent they are going to pay for those parts themselves . I don't expect this complaint to go anywhere because nothing I've tried up till now is that any good but what the hell, sincerely DALE ALLEN new owner of a 2018 ford F1 50 XLT super crew that's stuck in the cypress coast Seaside California service department for the last two weeks.

Oct 26, 2018

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