Ford Motor Company2016 ford fusion - catastrophic transmission blow out

B Nov 29, 2017

Wednesday before Thanksgiving, family and I are headed out of town on a 15 hour roadtrip. 200 miles into the trip, car loses acceleration, maxing out at 45mph and wrench service light pops up. Drift off the side of the road, shut car off, turn it back on .. drive off normally - wrench light is gone. 1 mile later, car loses acceleration, maxing out at 25 mph, wrench light pops up, car is now clicking and making a high pitched whine. Pull back over, shut car off, re-start it, wrench goes away .. drive off towards an incline in grade to a driveway. Car will not go up the hill, loses ALL acceleration and slides back down the hill. Come to a stop, turn car off and back on, no lights this time, drive into driveway, attempt to put the car into reverse to back in - car jolts forwards and is accompanied with a loud thud. No lights on in the car. Put car in neutral and push it into the parking space. Called insurance and had car towed to nearest Ford Dealer - Huntersville Ford - on the Friday after Thanksgiving at 9am. Friday end of day, no response from dealer - left 2 messages. Saturday, called 5 times, no response until the service manager got involved. Said maybe have an answer on Monday. Monday morning, dealership returns my phone call and tells me that the transmission is the worst they have seen and it will have to be replaced.

Background: Purchased the car in Sanford, NC back in March 2016 with 11 miles off the lot. Fluids have always been OCD maintained and oil changes every month due to the mileage I drive. Car had 84, 000 miles on it when the transmission blew up. Warranty expired at 72, 000.

Hunterville Ford in NC wants to charge over 3k for a used with barely any warranty and over 6k for a new tranny and cannot help me out with warranty/cost.

Crossroads Ford of Sanford say they cannot help either and it will be all out of pocket.

Ford Motor Company Customer Service (Rhonda) checks recalls, issues or any specials going on that may help with the cost - but to no avail - nothing they can do except for me to pay out of pocket and save the receipts in case hundreds of thousands more complaints come in - enough for a recall, then I MAY be reimbursed.

I have now reached out to Ford Investor Relations and sent an email for a response as well as left a message begging for help.

A 2016 Ford Fusion with 84, 000 miles, babied and in perfect condition down to the threads in the seating, should not have catastrophic transmission damage this early on. Numerous body shops, mechanics and other dealers all agree that that should not have happened and it is very rare that they see that happening under 100k miles. When this occurred, I had my four year old daughter in the back seat, thank God I was in a neighborhood and not going 70mph on a busy highway during Holiday travel, can you imagine losing acceleration in an instant - what that would have done to my child in the backseat?

I am hoping that Ford Motor Company will see that this is so very dangerous and respond to my email and/or phone call in a timely manner. All I want is an explanation for why they would sell me a car that would have unprovoked transmission failure so early on. Is this a defect? Would something of this nature, that could have injured/killed handfuls of people in the wrong environment, enough cause to issue a recall?

Hope to hear from you soon Ford Motor Company.

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