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I took my vehicle to Jordan Ford in Universal City, TX on Nov 13, 2017 with concerns about Carbon Monoxide in the vehicle because I have been experiencing severe headaches for the past few months. The service guy spoke to me as if I was overreacting. The next day I receive a call from him letting me know that they needed to change some components out because the sniffers detected levels of carbon monoxide in my vehicle. I received a call Wednesday letting me my vehicle was ready to pick up. They had made the necessary repairs and the sniffers no longer detected carbon monoxide. They had also repaired the recall for the front door panels. I went Thursday evening to pick up my vehicle but noticed my paperwork stated nothing about the carbon monoxide. I insisted that the paperwork be corrected to show that they indeed found levels of carbon monoxide in my vehicle but they refused to. The girl I spoke to that evening was extremely unprofessional and lied to me several times about the issue saying they can't deternine levels of carbon monoxide and then insisted that they were "safe" levels of carbon monoxide. I left without my vehicle that evening. I called the service man who was initially helping me and told him what happened. He said he didn't know why the girl misinformed me and that the sniffers are able to detect the levels, which is why the vehicle was repaired. He stated he longer knew what those levels were but agreed to update the paperwork to show that they did indeed find levels of carbon monoxide in my vehicle. Got to the dealership Thursday evening and AGAIN the paperwork did not state that. Not only was the paperwork missing crucial information but my door panel was not fixed as well even though I was told it had been. Paperwork also states that it was repaired. I understand that Ford Company is trying to cover themselves from possible lawsuits but I myself need to cover myself in case the carbon monoxide issue happens again. Information should not be left out to avoid possible issues. I am very disappointed in the way things were handle. To top it off, I was still charged $216 for everyday maintenance that was done on my vehicle at the same time. Same on everyone involved.

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Nov 17, 2017
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  • Fu
      Nov 19, 2017

    Good post. We are going through a host of problems with our 2016 Ford Edge. You also have to watch the Dates in and Dates out on the service paperwork. One repair we had the car was in for 11 days, but the Service Rep dated it in and out the same day! This can be an issue if lemon laws or lawsuits ensue.I also believe our 2016 Edge has the carbon monoxide issue. During acceleration, a smell comes through the vents. The 2017 Edge rental they gave us was the same. Service at our dealear, Freedom Ford is the same. Right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing and results are poor customer service all around. Ford National is the same or worse.

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