Ford Motor Company / 2014 ford fiesta

I am very dissatisfied with my transmission in my car. I have had several unacceptable issues with this vehicle and have not had it all that long considering what is going wrong. I have had to have the car towed from the middle of a highway intersection because the fuel injector malfunctioned. The part was under warranty, however, because I was in a dangerous location the officer on scene would not allow me to wait for ford towing and I had to pay over $100 to be towed around the block. Approximately two months ago I had to have my entire gear shifter replaced to the cost of over $500 because it was broken. Most recently, however, has been the most frustrating experience because no one can find a solution to the problem. On November 9th my car refused to move even though it was shifted into reverse and I received a message on the dash that the transmission malfunctioned and I need repair immediately, with the wrench light illuminated. The car was towed, the service center reprogrammed the component and I got it back the following day around 2pm. That same night around 9:30 pm the same exact problem came up with the same exact message. Again my car was towed and the service center kept my car for a few days. I was given a loaner car and the technicians tried to recreate the issue. The technicians said they checked for any codes and none were registering. They drove my car 40 miles on one day and 45 the next with no issue. I was given the car back and was able to drive for a few days. Again on November 21st I was stranded in a store parking lot because the same issue occurred with the same message given. The gentlemen at the service center have run many tests and tried to figure out what is wrong to no avail. They even called the hotline to see what else they could possibly try and the response they were given was to give me back my car and to have me come back if it happens again. That is completely unacceptable to me! I have already broken down on three occasions and had to be towed! What has to happen for this issue to be taken seriously? I read reviews and the biggest complaint about the 2014 Fiesta is with the transmission. Clearly there is a big picture issue across the board. Not only is this car only three years old it has less than 50, 000 miles on it. This is not the type of product you should be proud of, or at least you should be concerned with determining why this issue is happening. Now to be very clear, the employees of the service center in Netcong have been amazing. They are going above and beyond to try to help a customer and to be basically blown off by the hotline is ridiculous! The only reason I am even considering keeping myself in a ford is because of the gentlemen at the service center. They are as helpful as can be and even remorseful that they cannot solve the problem. Ford needs to figure out how to resolve what is wrong as well as provide more support to their service center employees. They are amazing, this car is not.

Nov 28, 2017

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