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I purchased the truck "fully loaded " and spent almost $70, 000.00 for the truck. 6.4 liter diesel, 4x4, power everything, crew cab, leather, oversize aluminum wheels, 8' bed, moon roof, navigation etc. I wanted a pristine tough duty truck to pull my race car trailer.
I always garaged the truck in my heated pole barn building. It was always serviced at the dealership where I bought it. I purchased the extended warranty. The engine blew at aprox. 35, 000 miles and the dealership said that it was past the warranty date. It was and still is common knowledge that the 6.4 liter diesel engine was the worst of the worst, always plagued with problems. Ford said they couldn't warranty the engine. After several phone calls and emails I finally spoke with a district manager which incidentally was in Florida, I purchased the truck in Rhinebeck, NY at Rhine beck Ford. The cost of the replacement engine was $20, 000 and after back and forth nonsense Ford agreed to pay a portion of the bill. I was still responsible for a good portion of the cost of something that was obviously a factory or manufacturing defect. The replacement engine was finally installed.
I started noticing oil drops under my truck so I brought it back and was told that the a/c compressor was bad, so they replaced it. I was still noticing oil under my truck when parked. at this point the "new" engine had 12, 000 miles on it. So I returned the truck to Rhinebeck Ford yet again and the service manger Nick agreed that there was a defect (said the left cylinder head was leaking oil) and he assumed that they would cover the cost. I was told later that week that Ford said the truck is too old to cover the cost.
My problem is that my truck was and is in excellent, brand new condition and was always serviced at the dealership aside from an oil change or two which were documented. How can Ford not stand by there product after they made me pay thousands of dollars for a factory defect? Now they want me to pay for a defective engine again?? The cylinder head is leaking oil and is a very expensive job. I am furious about this whole matter! I should not have to pay for a defective engine regardless of the age of the truck. The truck should last for hundreds of thousands of miles! The service manager at the dealership has tried several times to get some help for me but nothing is being done. I spent a ton of money on a truck that was supposed to last without spending tens of thousands of dollars to keep running. I think Ford needs to improve their product and more importantly stand behind the product when it's defective and not push the cost onto the customer.
If Ford doesn't cover the cost of my repairs for the defective replacement engine that cost me thousands already, I will never buy another Ford product again as well as contacting my local NY metro TV stations and social media to spread the word about the horrible customer service and blatant disregard for the consumer even when they are at fault. I did everything I was supposed to do as a truck owner and yet they still won't listen or pay. That's simply irresponsible and outright disgusting, now I know why people are switching to other brands.

Oct 14, 2017

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