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My rear passenger wheel well is so rusted that the shock mount has detatched from my vehicle making it hazardous to drive. Upon research for a repair, I have found numerous other people on online forums and such who have experienced the exact same issue. Also, you released a "repair kit" for this problem, that is over $200 for just the part to fix it, not to mention or including finding a place who can/will weld this piece back onto the vehicle. However, it's a "known" issue hence your release of said "repair kit" and you, as a company, haven't recalled this serious and potentially fatal problem? At this point I'm sick with worry wondering if I'm going to be involved in an accident daily and I cannot believe that as a company you guys are failing us comsumers, who technically are the reason you have a job. I also own stock in Ford and that will be the first one to go, as I can't have your negligence on my conscience if something happens to thousands of innocent people, myself included. Not everyone has the means to just pay to repair this, or just "buy a new car". Our economy is tanking and a lot of us are just struggling to get by day to day.

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company

Oct 26, 2017

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