Ford Motor Company / 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer / horrendous gas consumption/product defect

Carmel, IN, US Review updated:

In August of 2007 both my Daughter and myself bought 2004 Ford Explorers from Tom Wood Ford in Camel, IN.

Within less than a year my Dauther's Explorer developed a crack in the rear lift window which extended from the
bottom of the window, past and next to the Ford emblem and to the end of the lift. When she asked to have the
lift window structure replace, Ford told her she would have to pay for it. Not covered under the extended warranty
we both purchased.

This was the least of her problems as she had to have the fuel pump replaced and the component which regulates
the flex fule gas option and of course the gas consumption of the vehicle.

Just yesterday I noticed the the very same crack had developed on my Explorer. With Ford refusing to replace my
daughters rear window door, I have no doubt I will face the same issue. After my daughter experienced this problem it drew
my attention to other Explorers while driving and in parking lots. I would say on the average for every 20 I saw over the past
year, at least 1 has this crack in the in the rear lift window panel.

The most glaring problem with my 2004 Eddie Bauer model is the horrendous gas comsumption. From the time
I drove the vehicle off the lot, my milage with ethanol has never been over 10 mpg and generally under 10.
With regular it has rarely been over 11 mpg. I was not a good candidate for the "cash for clunkers" program because my
excessive payoff amount 2 years after purchase.

If Ford is monitoring this complaint network, I would like to see them step forward and provide me with a reasonable and
financially feasible option and opportunity to replace my Explorer.

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  •   Aug 23, 2009

    Wait, wait, wait...a Ford Explorer has terible gas milege? SURELY YOU JEST!

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  • Bl
      Nov 21, 2010

    Binder has once again proven the theorem I+A=D. Internet+Anonymous=[censor]

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  • Mo
      Feb 16, 2015

    Aside from my overhead console falling while driving down the road and the plastic on both of the visors breaking and flopping, also I too have a crack on the back. Now my issues are getting worse I would be driving and my explorer would just shut off however it would turn back on now it's got flashing light like the ABS, parking break, advtrac, service engine, and it says engine failure safe made and half the engin is shutting off. Took it to the local ford dealer they calibrated the computer said that's all it needed a day later all that came back on and persisted took it back now they say something else is wrong didn't want to give them more money for them to be wrong again so until I figure what's wrong with it myself I'm stuck with it..

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