Ford Motor Company / 07 f150

Stroudsburg, PA, United States

After you guys built this truck with inferior parts, it takes but 62, 000 miles for them to go bad and it's on me. While a service tech from a dealer tells me it's time I own up to it I think it's time for ford to. But I suppose since it didn't kill anyone by accident then it doesn't warrant a recall. I don't intend on buying another ford vehicle again. It's apparently not worth it though I was planning on upgrading at one point to a F-250 but I'll rather go with another company at this point.
I'm sure you won't care, what's a single customer. Losing one won't mean anything and that's fine but I just want to let someone know because it's ridiculous. I'm extremely disappointed in this company and now I'll go spend a few thousand dollars to fix my truck.

Jun 13, 2017

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