Ford Figo / poor client service

Braam Pretoruis, Pretoria, South Africa

I bought a new vehicle at Ford ( Allen Josh Motors) the day I received my vehicle I found 3 paint chips on my door and scratches on the roof, when I called the sales man he didn't even answer his phone, so I left him a voice message ( which he also didn't attent to) so I called him later and I explained to him that I found 3 marks on my door and he told me he was to busy I should call him back later. So a few hours later I called him again and he told me to take my car to a pannelbeater to get it fix . So the next day I had to go from one place to the other. So I end up taking my car to Satun Auto Repairs. I had to wait 4 days before I could collect my car. The day I collect it my car was so dirty, full of polish(only where the new dent was ) and with new damage !! A dent at the back, which was never there before ! So I called the lady at the pannelbeater and she told me vehicle was checked in with a dent . When I called the salesmen at Ford, he told me there is nothing more that he can do, I have to sort it out !! He did his part, he paid for the damage and he only did the deal !! So without his help I got in a argue with the pannelbeaters and they agreed to fix the dent * !! So after 2 weeks, sorting things out myself without the help of Allen Josh Motors ... My car is finally sorted out !! Thanks for nothing !!

Ford Figo
Ford Figo
Ford Figo

Mar 13, 2014

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