Ford Fiesta / caught fire

I am owner of a Ford Fiesta petrol engine car. On December 16, 2011 whilst I was being driven, my chauffeur noticed smoke emanating from the engine compartment. On opening the bonnet, a small fire was found. It was put out with the help of some water.
On careful inspection it was found that the power steering fluid hose had developed a small leak and the fluid was dripping directly on to the hot silencer pipe and not onto the road surface and that this was the reason that the fluid self ignited and a fire resulted. When my car was taken to the local Ford workshop for repairs, I learnt that two other cars of the same model had met the same fate in the same month.
I further learnt from an Internet search that this was not a one off incident and that the power steering fluid is known to leak and despite that Ford neglected this major design fault and put in danger my life and that of my chauffeur.
I recorded these facts by several emails to Mr. Michael Boneham, MD Ford India and other executives of Ford with copies to Ford CEO Mr. A. R. Mulally and other Directors of Ford Motors.
To my utter shock, Mr. Ganeshram, Ford India Limited-Customer Relations replied to me, disowning the responsibility and liability in respect of the incident. Further, to add insult to injury, by another email Ford India’s one Mr. Ominder Pal Singh, Service Engineering Operations, attempted to pacify me and surreptitiously recover the burn marked power steering fluid hose from me.
I will never recommend this Ford car to any one and would like to inform all, take care the next time when you sit in a Ford car.


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