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Ford Credit / ford credit mistakes

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Ford credit made a mistake and misapplied a payment and sent me a statement for $0.00 balance. The following month I received a bill for twice the normal payment with a late fee. They acknowledged that it was their mistake, that they discovered the error of the double payment weeks before notifying me and told me I had less than two weeks to make the payment or they were reporting it on my credit report and that there was nothing they could do. It was a frustrating and insulting experience. Finally, my husband got someone on the phone who moved the payment and waived the fee. Why couldn't the first two Ford Credit employees in "customer service" offered this instead of telling me about the multiple ways I could pay the bill. Is this what I am paying for? Is this what customer service means these days - attitude and come-backs? Work on training your employees in customer service if you expect me to continue paying their salary. I am still looking into what I will do with my 2007 Ford. I do not need Ford credit - I do not need a Ford!!!

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  • Te
      20th of Feb, 2015
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    Since i bought the truck, i have enjoyed the truck how ever billing issues are a big issue
    I bought the truck about i was really happy, i have always paid. but i went back and forth the dealer ship to update my bank account information and i was unsuccessful on getting pre-authorized payments setup, so i had faxed void cheques 20 times to ford credit with account number that it i also had my bank phone it into them, since then i have yet to get new account setup. so i went to the dealership and dropped off certificated cheques, now i have been away working and since no one can drop cheque off to pay the account i am in the process of loosing my truck because it has not been paid because pre-authorization has not been setup. i have since mailed a cheque to ford credit i talk to my account manger 02/19/2015 and she says shes is not accspeting payment. from me, for the full amount.

  • Ci
      23rd of Apr, 2012
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    Ford talks about customer loyalty but its BULL!! They don’t care about long time customers I have spent a good amount of money working with ford credit and frontier and Sunnyvale ford only to be burned by them. Frontier sold me a 2009 ford escape with a large APR when in the past I have received lower APRS, but I guess not in 2008. Frontier then sold the loan to capital one auto financing, which got me upset, and with an APR of 14.99% I bought the ’09 in November 2008, and paid it off march of 2010. I was tired of the games played by ford credit and the dealership. The escape was paid off early. The pervious purchased vehicle have also been paid off early.

    So I went into ford April 15th, and I traded my jeep compass for a 2010 escape with 44, k miles on it, and Sunnyvale ford said that I was already approved because I was such a good customer in the past because of my payment history with ford credit corp. so I enjoyed driving the escape and I had it for a week when I was told by sales that I had to come in and resign paperwork for a lower APR and payments much to my surprise I was asked to return the car. Before I brought the car back I asked sales do I get to keep the car(I had a feeling) and the salesman wouldn’t answer that question. I got to Sunnyvale ford and I was asked for the car back, and then they tried to sell me a station wagon, and other vehicles that I didn’t want. I need an SUV for the cargo space. The sales manager mark said that ford credit denied me back I was late internally one or two days. I said that was bull and that all the cars in the past have been paid off early, and that I have always paid more than the minimum due. I feel Sunnyvale ford and ford credit did a disservice to a long time customer. I have been a ford customer for 25 years, and my dad had been buying fords since the I would say the 1940’s which is about 72 years, well ford has lost me as a customer for good. If anyone wants a good fare deal I would suggest to go to Jeep, they gave a such a good deal, that I plan on going by ford and showing them what I got, which is a brand new 2012 liberty fully loaded with 16 miles to start. Thank you Jeep!!

  • Mu
      20th of Nov, 2011
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    What do I do if my wife and I got divorced, she got the car and 12 years later, I find that she let it go back and it is on my credit. I have a car loan with you now and the other car issue is creating a higher finance charge to be used. She has passed away now and what do I do to get this taken off my credit and keep my good credit with Ford that I have created. I pay 2 payments for every payment scheduled now and will continue but could use some help in getting my credit with you cleaned up. Can you help?

  • Gf
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    You will pay higher interest owed on this acct. Your last bill will be a balloon payment. They will get their money back. No matter how you shake it YOU missed a payment according to the contract terms you signed. Man up to it and quit blaming someone else because you didn't make a payment irregardless of what a piece of paper said.

  • Ma
      9th of Jun, 2010
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    Several years ago I received an incentive notice indicating that if I turned in my lease 3 months early, and in turn re-leased another car or bought a new car, the last 3 months would essentially be disregarded. I did so, purchasing a new Ford Focus wagon and returning my leased Explorer Sport. Now, after 2 years of owning my Focus and never missing a payment I am unable to purchase a new car because there is a mark on my credit report indicating that I owe a sum of about $1, 400. Oddly enough, an amount nearly equivalent to 3 months of lease payments (considering late fees). I have a sales contract indicating the parameters of the initial deal. A "Paid in Full" stamp on my purchase contract sent to me when I had met all my financial requirements and now no one will return a call, take responsibility, offer a suggestion, etc. How can these things continue to go on? Is there not a division that can work on credit solutions when so many credit problems run amok? Is this the way we are rewarded for buying American cars? Meanwhile, after doing everything I could to be a good customer to Ford I am receiving nothing in return (3 truck leases and 1 purchase in 2 decades) and as a matter of fact, I am unable to go ahead and purchase a new vehicle because of Ford's screw-up. I am a loyal consumer and incredibly patient but this has gone too far.

  • Ma
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    I have had several dealing with ford motor credit since 2009. I suffered a heart attack in January of 2009 and had nothing but trouble getting my disability that I pay for every month to take over the payments. I was off work for 4 months in the meantime the other income in the household was layed off and only unemployment and little disability were the only income. I fell behind and had to explain my situation to everyone I talked to at Ford Credit. I asked if there was any comucation in the company at all, like I was lieing and they wanted to see if my story changed, well it did not. I was not trying to get out of my payments I was asking if we could work something out. I fell behind by 1 month and one rainy night a car come in the yard to repo my car, my 9 year old daughter and I were in the rain emptying the car, she was crying and asking questions about how I was going to get to my job. The only way to pay bills and transportation was gone. When I got to talk to someone in the company it would cost me 3000.00 to get my car back the past 1month the current 1 month and 3 months payment ahead. I had to borrow money from family and go get the car by the next day or it was going to Auction. I have hospital, Doctors, heat, house, electric, gas ect bills and still can not get any help from Ford. Like I said I am not trying to get out of paying I just need some help. I will never deal with Ford Motor agian, my credit has been runied and Ford is still a uncaring company. I do not wish this on anyone.

  • Mi
      3rd of Oct, 2009
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    Ater sending in my last pament to Ford I recieved a refund check with a letter stating that my account was overpaid. I thought this was strange since I had sent the final payment that was reflected on the statement, if my account was overpaid they should have known that before the statement was sent. A week later I get a refund check for the final payment that I had sent so this makes more sense now. I also recieve the title and stamped credit agreement stating that it is paid in full. Now one month later Ford credit is calling asking when they are going to recieve my final payment. Apparently they posted someone else's payment to my account resulting in the refund checks. I have no problem with sending their refund back, I am rather irritated that they are taking a collection stance and insuating that I Istill owe them on my car. Idiots!!! I paid you and you sent me the money back. And now your going to make it my problem that your minimum wage check handlers missapplied a payment to my account. I now recieved three letters from Ford credit 2 stating that the refunds were in error and one asking me to send the title back to them. WTF and KMA.

  • Di
      14th of Jun, 2009
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    This is not a Valid complaint.Sounds like you got too much house and car for your income.You can't rely on renters to pay your mortgage so you can drive around in a flashy car.Live within your means and this won't happen.I'll betyou'd like to have my $327 car payment and $900 house payment.Why do you think our country is in the shape it's in.Because the government spends more than it takes in taxes.

  • Da
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    This is what I am currently going through with Ford and I wish that if you read this and you were in my situation and were assisted by them, I would greatly appreciate if you can give me a name, email adress, etc to send my request in order to be heard
    This is what I sent to them through the "contact us" option in the Ford home page.
    ************Please work with me!!!I called your department last week to ask for assistance on my loan. I can no longer afford paying $755 a month. It's been over 7 months since my home is under review for a modification due to I am going through a financial hardship. My mortgage payment alone is $2500 a month. Since I had more family living here since 2004, we were sharing the mortgage payment. 7 months ago, they moved out and I was left with this huge mortgage note. When I took out this car loan, last year, of course, I did not expect this to happen. The only reason I have been paying you every month is because I am waiting for my home loan modification to be finalized. I talked to my lender 2 weeks ago and based on my current income and expenses, I need to make a decision. 'Keep my home' or 'keep my car' This huge car payment is impacting my qualifications to finalize my modification. As you can see the answer is easy. I want to KEEP MY HOME..I have a 3 year old son. I need to put a roof under his head. I am a hard working person and I don't intend to not pay my bills. This is why I am asking you to work with me. I may be able to continue paying my car payment if I can work out something with you that gives me that affordability I need. I called your department last week and I was turned down because I have not made 'enough payments on my car loan'. The only option I was given was a 2 month deferrment, which of course I accepted because I need to have money saved up to put up front when my home loan modification is completed. I was also advised to go talk to my local dealer about getting into a smaller vehicle. I would not mind to do this is this 'trade In option' does not involve carrying negative equity onto the new car loan. I checked with my local dealer and they said it would be a regular trade in so if the vehicle I am tryng to trade in has devaluated (which it has), I would be upside down. The 3rd option was to turn in the car voluntarily. I would also do this if this would not have negative consequences. However it is my understanding that if this vehicle is auctioned off for less that what I owe, I will still be responsible for the deficit on the loan. I cannot afford carrying more debt with me especially if I don't even have the car anymore. If you leave me no choice, I will have to take option #3, however, with the current nationwide financial crisis, this car would probably sit in your lot and you would end up losing more. I will not be able to pay any shortage towards this vehicle once it's out of my hands. I can justify my decision in front of a judge in a very simple manner. It was either having a roof under my head or living inside my vehicle with my 3 year old son. I am sure a Judge in court room will understand and will favor me on my decision. Please, don't take this as if I am trying to be complicated. I am just looking for solutions and thinking of my options in the future. I am desperate because I am losing my house and I cannot afford to do that. PLEASE HELP ME. Let me know where I can send supporting information of my hardship and my financial information so that you can start reviewing my loan for a more affordable car payment. I WANT to be able to continue paying you and all my creditors. I really DO.. please work with me. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************This is the generica message I received. (I take it as they are not interested in even hear my situation)

    Thank you for contacting Ford Credit.
    I am sorry to learn of the situation prompting your inquiry. Unfortunately, the account does not qualify for rewrite at this time. Please continue to remit the monthly payments as scheduled.

    In addition, if your vehicle is repossessed as a voluntary surrender, it will be sold and the sale proceeds will be applied to any deficiency between the net proceeds and the outstanding balance. We will report the repossession and any resulting deficiency to the appropriate credit bureaus.

    Since a repossession on your credit history is viewed negatively by other creditors, we suggest you first consider other alternatives. Please contact our Business Center at 1-800-201-1045 extension 16001 to further discuss your options.
    Thank you for visiting us on-line.


    Ford Credit

  • Ev
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    I purchased an "04 Grand Marquis, paid $26, 000 and the radio just went out. I am very disappointed in the radio. You would think for all the money paid, I would receive better service than that. I had to pay $371 to have a radio completely replaced in an expensive car that has been taken very good care of (only35, 000 miles). I have drien fords for over 39 years but I will never purchase another one since I am still making payments and warranty just ran out. Can I be reimbursed in any way. I have my receipt?
    Thank you
    Evelyn Jones

  • Mi
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    I got a phone call yesterday about my payment being late. I said I'm looking at my bank account right now and you've taken the payment of 435 out so why is it late. She stated they don't update for over 5 days so it will cost me 21 in a late fee and why was I late. I said I'm on your website now it says my payment was taken and I read everything it said. She said I need to know why your payment was late. I said why did you take my money if its not posting to my account? Once again the lady just repeated your payment is going to post as a late one and you will be charged 21 dollars. Then she said do you not understand what I'm saying I said do you understand what I'm saying last month and the month before and the 14 records I can pull up have been taken that same day out of my bank and I haven't been charged 21 so why now is it late. I finally said nevermind and don't call my phone again. I emailed customer service and said the same thing you have my money now for two days and I'm being charged a late fee but all the other months I wasn't charged any sorta late fee. So why am I charged this month. They responded that they can take up to two days to update their computers so I need to make sure the monthly payment is out before their update time. How was I suppose to know that this month it was update time and my payment would be late? So I emailed back and said my point is why did you take the money out of my account on the same day as last month and I wasn't charged then but now I am. Is it because I have zero percent interest so your not makeing money off me. Which is what I feel is the deal with this. I have bought a new ford truck every two years since I was young but this is the second mistake about my credit they have done the first was when I traded in they kept taken my payments out for my other truck then I called to get it back and it took them 90 days to send me a check back for two payments. So the dealership payed my sales tax which they didn't have too but I always buy from them and I was upset and they handled the situation alot better then it was handled when I called ford credit about their mistake.

  • Da
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Hello Sir/Mam I am extremly disappointed with Ford Motor Credit Vendoring out work to Third world Countries. I have Two accounts with Ford, Ford f150 and a Ford Edge. I made my November payment on the 14th for the 150, and the 24th for the edge. I have received At least Four calls from Ford Motor Credit indicating I did not make My November Payment, After Ford cashed the check. I found out that someone at ford or the vendor sent the payment for my Truck to the Edge. I tried to explain this to the people at ford. We had somewhat a communication issue, You see I was speaking to people from Panama. I do not like fact that People from other countries especially Third world countries that have access to my information I.E Social Security Number. If ford continues this I will NEVER by a ford again. I was wondering if the C.E.O of ford would like his/her information accessed by people in Third world countires!!!.

  • Ma
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I was wondering how to get a hold of ford credit to remove a negative credit from my credit report. My ex-husband was awarded a vehicle (a ford f250 pick-up) in the divorce decree in 2002 and failed to make his payments on time. If you would notice the Ford Mustang also purchased was never late which is the vehicle I was awarded. If you could see to remove this from my credit history it would be much appeciated. I would like to purchase a new Mustang in the beginning of 2009 & I would like to recieve a good finance rate. This is my only blemish on my credit report.

  • Ca
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    Your complaint sounds just like something Ford Credit would do. We're dealing with almost the same thing you are. We turned in our leased vehicle on Mar 14, 2008 and were told we only had to pay $600 for over mileage. On the 24th of April we received a call from Ford Credit saying if we don't pay the $1100. Ford Credit was going to put us in Collections. I told them I received an estimate from Ford Credit and it stated we had 7 business days to have your own appraisal and I told them I wanted to so. I was told you can't the the vehicle went to auction. I sent a letter to the President of Ford as well as Consumer Affairs about how we're being treated and not producing my vehicle for our personal appraisal according to the rules of their damage and mileage fees. Their sneaky and nasty. They had permission to take $399. mo but they would take out $800. and charge late fees. That's theft by deception taking more money out than permitted. My suggestion is we all send our complaints to the President of Ford (Alan Mulally) and Consumer Affairs. They should abide by the Consumer Affairs Agency guidelines on how not to scam the consumer. On our Credit Report as of 4/10/2008 (if not sooner) Ford Credit submitted a derogatory score to the Credit Agencies less than 30 days after the vehicle was returned.

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