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Your company is a prime sponsor of the Late Night with Steven Colbert show so I assume you must watch it and approve of its content. If you continue to do so I shall be forced to avoid all of your products and your subsidiary companies products.

I should begin by saying that I am not a person who takes to complaining about what people watch on television. That notwithstanding, it is obvious to me that the pattern of political discourse effected by television has deteriorated considerably over the past several years. I am not pointing any blame at either political spectrum. Rachel Madow is just as much to blame as Rush Limbaugh. We have become a nation of “haters” and civil discourse is rare. So it should come as no surprise since Mr. Trump's election that the rhetoric has ratcheted up. If you comment favorably about the man, you are deemed a racist, warmongering, “redneck”. If you comment adversely about the man, it seems that the media and especially the left coast think nothing is out of bounds.

To the reason for this complaint. Last Monday night Stephen Colbert reached a new level of political rhetoric with his comments about President Trump. It was crude, rude, vitriolic and debasing and far out of bounds! His children must be proud! And, the sad thing is no one will do anything about it. What passes for entertainment today has no connection to humor at all. Just enrage, titillate, disgust, and insult. Now, that's entertainment!!

This debasing behavior seems to have no limits. I for one would like to see SOMEONE say ENOUGH before Colbert starts imitating his words.

Please respond.

Richard L. Walker at [protected]

May 8, 2017
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      10th of May, 2017

    aaaaahahaha! what a complete joke you are . ' I for one would like to see SOMEONE say ENOUGH before Colbert starts imitating his words.' seriously? 'imitating his words' ??? were you concerned that people who threatened violence against the obama family for 8 years might begin imitating their words? were you concerned when certain failed governor's and losing vice-presidential candidates, and presidential candidates ... were using their airtime to incite violence?

    stephen colbert didn't incite violence . stephen colbert is a comedian, who regularly skewers idiot political operatives . colbert didn't make any threats which he might eventually 'imitate' (whatever you mean by that ... you mean act out? do you think colbert will act out putting putin's [censor] into dt's mouth? how might he accomplish that?) . colbert didn't threaten to do something . he described, in perfectly vile terms given the nature of the two vile creatures to whom he was referring, their seemingly current ongoing relationship ... AND it was late night tv, which has fewer restrictions, AND colbert didn't use any of the forbidden words designated by the fcc, AND the word '[censor]' was bleeped

    quit whining . don't watch stephen colbert if you don't like what he says . don't drive a ford if you don't want to, but colbert's INCREASED ratings prove that many millions of people love having him express our outrage at this current administration's disgusting antics, and we absolutely support the ongoing advertising on the show by ford

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