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Dubai, RO
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Our 2 tickets flights from Dubai to Bucharest on November 28, Flight No. FZ/A300HO (Booking ref. 5XFUT9 ) got cancelled and "moved" one day later. on November 29

For this flight we where informed very late and because of this situation we where being "forced" to stay one extra night in Dubai.

We talked to the office FlyDubai in Dubai airport and on airline telephone
and we said that we accept delayed flight, but at least to provided us the payment of one night accommodation in Dubai.
They didn't wanted, also they didn't give us the option for other company's flights on the 28 Nov, because on that day I should be on a business meeting on my country, Romania.
As we have only refuses and no other options, we where put in a position to accept one day later the flight and to pay from our money one extra night accommodation in Dubai.

I add that I had an important business meeting on 28 Nov afternoon in my country and this situation was ruined my business relation and damages caused for the future

For this situation we request a refund of our night extra accommodation and damages for my business relation!

Dec 02, 2016

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