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To Whom it may concern,

Following our recent flight from Tbilisi we felt it impossible not to complain as the experience just kept going for bad to worse.

Here are the issues we have with the flight and Fly Dubai

1) Excess baggage - An additional 20 kgs was booked for our flight and thought this would cover both legs of our journey but discovered when we checked in for the return flight that we were not covered for our suitcase.
We had to pay and additional $123 as we had 16 kg to return to the UAE with.Common sense tells me if I am taking 20kgs away with me I will be bringing it back. At no point when I was booking was I prompted or told that I had to pay this for both flights, if i had been told I would have paid it as it was only around 100 AED
To add to this when I went to pay the excess i was told this is the most common complaint / misunderstanding the company has. This infuriated me as this implies that you are happy to allow customer to continue to make this mistake and take their hard earned money every time. Something needs to be done about your online booking and it has to be made clear to customers how this works

2) Flight delay - Around 30 minutes after boarding the plane we were told we were being delayed due to 3 passengers who had not cleared security. Around 30 minutes later 16 new passengers turned up and it was an utter shambles. The flight crew had no idea what was going on and took 20 minutes at least to seat the additional passengers. I can only assume that these customers had booked last minute so Fly Dubai were happy to delay the flight and upset the customers on board soi they could get as much income from the flight as possible.

3) Additional fuel - Once the additional customers were on the flight we were then informed that the flight would be further delayed as extra fuel was needed to cover the extra payload. This i found ridiculous as the crew must have know when the flight was being filled that there would be a need for extra fuel so why wait until the customers were on the flight, add the fuel as they are loading.

4) Inflight refreshment - Finally the flight took off and refreshments were being served this cause a number of issues. aAisles were blocked so it was talking too much time to get to and from the wash rooms. Once the refreshment cart made it to me (in the middle of the plane) there were no sandwiches or wraps left so I could not eat what I wanted. Also having been delayed for 90 minute it then took a further 90 minutes to be served refreshments of which there were none for my preference. We weren't even offered free water to compensate for the delays.

5) Flight attendants - Eventually we decided to take picture of the situation to demonstrate the issue as we were going to complain. These pictures were not of any particular individuals just of the chaos that we were having to endure. One member of staff became offended by this and start to raise her voice and became aggressive towards the customers. This was not a professional reaction and was not the way customers should be treated especially when we were not being rude or abusive in any way.
When asking the previously mentioned member of staff her name she immediately threatened us with the police as it is the law in Dubai not to take peoples photos without their consent. This may be true but again this is not the way to deal with the situation. Flight crews job is to keep the passengers happy and make us feel at ease at all times. This threat of police action made and the attitude of the flight attendant made my girlfriend very anxious and she was physically shaking. Not the way a passenger should be made to feel by members of the crew.
We also asked another member of crew his colleagues name and he told us he did not know, I find this hard to believe as they are work colleagues. Are they meant to wear name badges, if so they were breaking company policy by not wearing them. The lady in question told us her name was Susanna

This experience has completely tarnished the trip as we had such an amazing time in the beautiful country of Georgia. Such a beautiful country with warm friendly people completely ruined by the treatment we received from what we thought was Dubai's reputable budget airline. I am sure their tourist board will be as disappointed as we were that this has ruined our trip.

We were not the only dissatisfied customers and the passengers around us insisted on giving their details as they will be complaining and confirming what we have said as well as adding their own details of poor service.

There names are as follows and they are cc'd on this mail.

Amel Shire - [protected] seat 24D
Svetlana Savchenko - [protected] seat 24E
Anna Kernishnuik - Seat 23D
Tahani- [protected] seat 24A
Anadil - [protected] seat 24B
Amani - [protected] - seat 24C

I expect this complaint to be fully investigated and we need to be compensated for all of the issues we faced.


Richard Sanders
Regional Sales Director

T: +[protected]
M: +[protected]

Oct 16, 2017

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