Florida Power & Light [FPL] / service restoration

Hialeah, FL, United States
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I have been without service since irma was coming a total of 7days
Today I go online at my account and it shows
"service restored". And im still without power at home
Amazing!!! You have told us that betwen employees and contractors there was a 22, 000 tech's to get the power restored first ends day sunday, now radio stations fpl representatives are saying by tuesday
This morning sept 16th at 9am a bunch of trucks showed up a block away from my home all they did was repaired a couple of down wires and thats it. They took off at 12 noon
While part of my neighbors got their power already on my block still down that doesnt make no sense.
What kind of company does this to their customers
I have never been late on my payments
But what hurts the must is the bunch of lies you al got up and said on t. V prior to storm arriving
Talk about being prepared
7 days folks what a nice 72 hours that was

Thank you!!!

Sep 16, 2017

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