Florida Power And Lightdamage to property

aprox. 5 months ago fpl had a power problem and a main line caught fire. fpl had people come out to trim the trees that had been rubbing these lines for a very long time. in the mean time somehow they caused damage to my shed. I have called them once a month for the past five months to see whats is going to be done about the damage. still i have yet to receive a phone call or anything productive. the only thing that has bee done is, i recieved a letter stating that they do not clean up after a hurricane. HA HA a hurricane, we didn't have a hurrican in florida this year. I don't think we even had a good wind this year. So how long should it take to have my shed fixed? Hmmm I think five months is way tooo long. I really think someone should have talked to me and we could have reached an agreement over the phone. Now i just don't know what i am goin to do because now the inside of the shed is beginning to rot. I guess i will just keep taking more and more pictures till they fix all the damage, or hire someone to fix all the damage they have done and neglected to fix in a timely manner.

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