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Flight Hub seems to charge you $ 4.02 more than what your invoice from them shows, when you receive your credit card bill per ticket ! They are hoping that you don't notice this charge and you won't fight it. Now imagine if they are doing it to millions of customer's, how much money they are making ! So if you buy a ticket for $ 1, 000, they will even send you an invoice for $ 1, 000, but 2-3 days afterwards when the charge cones on your credit card, it will be for $ 1, 004.02, so about 4 bucks more per ticket ! Also instead of Flight Hub, some other vendor or merchant like " TEH CANADA " shows up on your credit card bill !

Dec 14, 2015
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  •   Dec 15, 2015

    Thank you for your feedback.
    We understand your frustration and will be more than happy to correct this error. If you contacted us directly with your booking reference number, we would be able to action immediately because this could be indication of a system error, not an intentional overcharge.
    As mentioned in a previous post, the merchant will depend on the ticket. If the rules of the ticket require it to be issued as cash, you will see the merchant FlightHub. Other tickets will be issued through the airline directly and reflect their merchant name.

    If you have further comments or questions, please contact us directly.

    Best regards,

    FlightHub Customer Care

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