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5:53 am EDT Refund 2 months overdue

I Incorrectly booked my initial crossing, and I was told by a member of your team that if I rebooked the correct crossing I would be refunded the full amount.

It feels as if I am not being treated fairly or with any dignity, when yet I am a customer of yours.

I was initially told my refund would be sent back in July, and that it would arrive in my account within 5 working days. As of yet, I haven't received anything!

In total, I am owed £181.00 for the incorrect booking, and an additional £25.54 for the attempt I made to amend the original booking (your website crashed, but still took the payment).

My actual booking reference number is [protected] - I hope with this information you will be able to see the conversations I have had with your team, and the constant back and forth. I would like to think this is just a one off, and all of your customers aren't treated this way, as it is a lot of money for my wife and I to be without.

Having provided you with sufficient evidence on countless occasions I want this to be dealt with right away, as at this stage it is my consumer right to escalate this matter to the ombudsman.

How do you suppose to obtain customer retention with this kind of service?

I have copied in my original conversation with other members of you team for ease of reference - please refer to the below:

Hey there.

I hope you’re well.

Please please could you help me out?

I was meant to book a Ferry from Dover to Calle, as I searched using your website, and unfortunately I ended up booking Calle to Dover 😞.

Can you please help me out in amending my booking?

My reference number is: [protected].

I would be honestly so grateful if you could sort this for me, I just accidentally booked the incorrect way, all others details such as the time and dates are correct, however I understand I may not be able to get the exact time and dates once corrected.

Thank you so much.


Also, I have requested a cancellation but that is only due to me panicking and not thinking that maybe you guys could resolve this situation for me.

Please let me know if you need any further information from me.

Leonie profile

Good afternoon Callum,

Thank you for contacting us at AFerry.

I am sorry to hear about your booking error.

I will get in touch with the ferry operator and respond shortly.

Kind Regards,


Thank you, much appreciated.

Leonie profile

Good evening Callum,

Usually when you book a trip in the wrong directions,

The ferry operator will ask you to book a correct ticket provide the new ticket so that they can cancel the wrong booking.

I am off tomorrow and I am sure one of my colleagues will assist you with the rest of the correction after you have made the correct booking

Kind Regrads,


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Hi Leonie,

So if I book another ticket with the same operator, can you confirm that I’ll receive a refund?

I don’t want to be in a situation where I book the correct ticket, and end up being charged twice.

Will one of your colleagues be able to pick up this conversation we are having now, or would I have to start again?


I can just go direct as I have checked and the prices are not too dissimilar, but please just let me know.

And would I receive the refund through AFerry, or Irish Ferries in this instance?

July 7

Hey. I hope someone picks this message chain up.

I managed to work out how to change my booking, however, upon paying the additional £25.00 in this instance your website begins to load and then times out? Is there anyway someone can intervene and sort this for me manually?

If I rebook from the beginning, would you then be able to cancel my initial booking?

I just want to determine the best options for me


Yes, if you book a new ticket and provide us with a new ticket ref number we will be able to cancel and refund the old one

I am sorry for the delay reply, as we are dealing with big number of people at this time of the year, we will reply as fast as we can in here :)

Best regards, Karina

Hey Karina,

Thanks for the message and conforming that I’ll receive a refund.

I have just booked the correct journey, reference [protected], therefore please could you cancel [protected] and process the refund?

Thank you.


I have emailed Irish Ferries with your new ticket number

As soon as they confirm I will issue a refund to you and let you know :)

Best regards, Karina

Thank you

July 11

Hi Karina,

Please can you give me an update please?

July 12

Ieva profile


Apologies - we are still waiting for a response from Irish Ferries. As soon as we have an update, we will inform you.

Kind regards,


Hey Ieva,

Irish Ferries state on their website that at the moment, their typical turnaround to respond to emails is 4 weeks due to high demand.

If this is the case, I’ll need to wait 5 weeks for the money to be put back into my account which I don’t really think is acceptable, given that you can see I have purchased another ticket, going the correct way.

I’m total, I am due a refund of £208 from AFerry. £182.46 is for the original ticket, and £25.54 is the fee I was charged when I attempted to amend the journey, which failed but still took a payment of £25.54, hence why I had to purchase another ticket.

I ended up calling Irish Ferries directly, and I spoke to a very helpful member of their team, who advised me that I am not the first to experience these issues with AFerry.

I don’t mean to sound as if I’m morning at you, as that really isn’t my intention; I understand you’re just doing your job and I’m sure you’re very good at it.

I just want to get my money back before I go on holiday as otherwise I’ll have nothing to spend, lol.

Is there anyway I can help expedite my refund? What information do you actually need from Irish Ferries as I can call them if needs be?

Thank you.

Ieva profile


We would normally wait around a week for Irish Ferries to respond, before taking any further action. It has been 5 days, therefore we would take further action in 2 days time.

As we are emailing as a business to business, the turnaround is much faster that a regular customer and would not be 5 weeks.

Kind regards,


July 15

Ieva profile


We have received a response from Irish Ferries that they have cancelled the incorrect booking with 0 cancellation fee. This means that you should be refunded within the next 7-14 working days.

Kind regards,


July 21

Hey thanks.

Will this also include the £25 that I paid to make the change on your site that never ended up being processed, yet I was still charged?


Hi Callum,

That is correct.

All charges have now been processed to refund and should return to your account shortly.

Best regards,

July 26

Thanks for confirming.

Re my flexi ticket, how do I go about catching a later ferry? Do I just turn up at a later time to the port, or do I need to arrange it first?

Ieva profile


A flexi ticket means that you can make amendments to the booking without the amendment fee applying, you cannot catch a later ferry without pre-arranging as all ferries are subject to availability.

Kind regards,


August 28


I didn’t receive my refund for this.

It should be a total refund of £208, that is inclusive of the initial £182.46 for the incorrect booking, and £25.54 is for the fee I was charged when I went to amend the original booking before the payment screen timed out, yet I was still charged.



Hi Callum,

We kindly request you to provide a screenshot of the £25.54 you were charged when amending your incorrect booking. We require the transaction shown off your bank statement. Many Thanks.

Kind Regards, Ishfaq

September 2

Can I please now get my refund?

I have been waiting for this long enough now, and legally you cannot withhold my refund for this period of time. If I do not receive my full refund I will be going to the ombudsman

Please see the conversation above and just look at my account to confirm that I am due a full refund for one of my bookings.

September 3


Hi Callum,

Thank you for your message.

I have had a look and I can see that your refund was not issued at the time. I have now push this through and it should be back in your account within the next 5 working.

I apologise for any inconveniences this have caused you.



Thanks Cathy.

September 9


I have not received my refund as of yet.

Did you want me to escalate this issue, or can you resolve it?

It seems as if I am no longer of concern since you haven’t yet processed my refund.

It is in your best interest to reply to my message within 24 hours detailing where my money is, and when you processed the refund, if you have done so.

Prior to processing my refund, you asked for evidence of payment, as you’re well within your right to do so, to which I provided said evidence.

I now request that you also do the same, provide me with evidence of my refund.

Thank you

Ieva profile


Please see the attached screenshot of the processed refund.

This should be with you shortly, apologies for the delay.

Kind regards,


September 14

Hi Ieva,

What about the £25.54 administration fee I paid to originally change the booking before your website timed out, yet still took the payment?


Ieva profile

We are unable to see any link to the bookings for 25.54 GBP, can you please provide some screenshots of the payment?

I have already sent this screenshot 3 times now

And helpfully theAFerry App is crashing so I can’t send it.

Can you not scroll up in this conversation to see it?

September 15

Ieva profile

Thank you for confirming. We will have a look and respond shortly.


Kind Regards,


Desired outcome: I would like a full refund

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10:44 am EDT mistakes made in rebooking our credit note and terrible communication

Hi, Re [protected]

We had a credit note for £215 from Aferry and asked them to book the

Hull to Rotterdam mini cruise, which includes transfers to Rotterdam as below

2 passengers including:

Lead name Mrs Gillian Barkley 6/10/1962 gillian.[protected]

Mr Colin Barkley 27/1/1963

No car

Mon 19th Sept- Wed 21st Sept

default standard cabin - saver £160

2 x Brasserie evening meals on outbound ferry £54

no meals on return ferry £0

This totalled £214 (ie £160 plus £54 plus £0) = £214

The code they gave us would not work online, so they had to manually book the trip for us, unfortunately, they booked:

1 the wrong date

2 booked a crossing not the mini cruise (ie no transfers included)

3 booked 4 meals instead of 2.

They corrected the date and we paid £19 extra for the extra meals, ( not because we wanted them, but mainly because we were so fed up with the delay in getting this sorted).

However, Aferry have still not booked us on the MINI CRUISE, but instead on a crossing and don't seem to understand the difference as they

want to add transfers to the crossing which costs an extra £28.

This is obviously not acceptable and is not what we asked for.

This should cost £214 and then they can give us back our £19.

I have sent over 20 emails and get a different customer service person every time who doesn't understand the situation.

Desired outcome: The original trip booked or our credit note reissued

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10:51 am EDT no email confirmation, can't access online account to request it!

I booked tickets to the Isle of Wight for the 23 July 2022 and returning 30 July 2022. I have realised that they did not send email confirmation (only confirmation of the travel insurance). I've tried to contact them for my booking details but there is no phone number? You have to do everything via an online account which i can't access as the reset password link is broken and says 'expired' everytime i click on it! I literally have no one i can speak to and I'm travelling in 2 days. Please help

Desired outcome: I would like my email confirmation of booking details (reference number, ferry we are travelling on etc)

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12:35 pm EDT Portsmouth to Bilboa

This is my first holiday in many years and it hasn't started well.

AFerry: [protected]

Brittany Ferries: JD69215

It was not made clear anywhere when booking there is no space for dogs.

They tell me it is not possible to cancel my booking?! i have booked why is it not possible to cancel? it's 5 weeks away?

No phone number is a stroke of genius.

We are customers of yours, needing a break from the madness of Brexit and Covid we don't need another win for the small print.

Your customer.


in need of some help.

Joe Dart

Desired outcome: refund

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7:09 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Ferry Booking

I booked a Trasmediteranea ferry crossing from Barcelona to Ibiza for myself and a car for passage on Friday 04 February at 22.00

AFerry Reference Number [protected]

Trasmed Reference Number 5809952

Ticket Number [protected]

My road journey to Barcelona proved to be quicker than I expected and I arrived in Barcelona in the early evening of Thursday 03 February, I went to the Trasmediteranea office to change my ticket for the thursday crossing. Trasmediteranea told me they were not operating the crossing, it had been handed to another operator and I should speak to Balearia. At the Balearia office they said they were offering crossings 'as a gesture of goodwill' because the company who were operating my crossing had some problem and had cancelled the crossing I had booked. I spoke again to Trasmediteranea, without success. Back to Balearia who said they could not help me as none of my details, Name, Identity or Vehicle could be found on their system, they suggested I speak again to Trasmediteranea to find out why. I went back to Trasmediteranea, who were extremely unhelpful and refused any responsibility for my booking. Back to Balearia, they said the only option I have is to book a crossing with them, which I did. I sailed with Balearia on Thursday 03 February to Ibiza, at a cost of 78.25 Euros.

Mr. Brian Southwood [protected]

Desired outcome: I would like a refund of 67 GBP for my original booking

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6:16 am EDT ferry agent

I have book Stenaline trip from Harwich to Hook of Holland on the 15/08/2021 at 23:00 (booking no. [protected]). On Fri 13/08 circumstances has changed and I have to postpone my trip to 5th September 2021, I have flexi ticket which costed extra so I could changed ticket up to 2hours before travel. I logged into my account on Fri 13/08 afternoon to change booking, under "change my booking" there was info to use message service on the web to change booking so I did message, no response, no change in booking, I message again Sat few times and Sunday, no response. I panic on Sun as ticket was £486 so I tried to cancel so get response if I proceed with cancelation I will not be refunded as it's less then 48hours, I have not proceed with cancellation but emailed back that I have tried for more than 48hours to change it. I received no response. Finally I called Stenaline directly and they changed my booking for 5th of September, but advice me to contact Aferry for ticket and refund as ticket on the 5th is slightly cheaper. I message again Affery few times no response. On my account is still only trip for the 15/08. Can you please assist.

Desired outcome: Ticket for the 5th/09 and refund

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11:30 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more ferry booking to isle of wight 16th August

AFerry: [protected]

When i paid for a return trip to isle of wight £133.50 i noticed after that the crossing outbound was from east cowes to southampton. Im on the mainland and wanted to go from Southampton to East cowes. and visa versa on the return trip east cowes to southampton 19th August.

I have sent 2 emails via your online service and havent had a reply.
I contacted Red Funnel who said its an easy change but they cant do it as its in your name.
Im very worried and need this resolved.
Please can you contact me to amend the booking.

Kind Regards

Desired outcome: amend the booking please

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5:12 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Service. Cancellation journey durres-bari.

AFerry Reference Number: [protected]
Ventouris Ferries Reference Number: [protected]

On the 20 July2020 l received an email From: spiridoula
saying my return journey
durres-bari was postponed from 11am to 11pm and full refund was offered by them.
As l had the eurotunnel ticket booked already on the 1 Aug at 23:44, the timing was very tight.
So therefore l had to seek alternative arrangements of travel.
Full refund it's in order for this journey.
I sent so many emails even thrught and out my online account, but no answer whatsoever.
Awating for your reply.

Artan Salihu.
Thanks in advance.

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4:26 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Eurotunnel

I booked a return Eurotunnel crossing on 2 December 2019 for the following times and dates:

Departing Folkestone: 17 April 2020 at 10:06
Departing Calais: 25 April 2020 at 13:20
Eurotunnel reference: [protected]
AFerry reference: [protected]
At a cost of: £238.70

Due to the pandemic, Eurotunnel stopped running. I therefore contacted AFerry on 19 March 2020 and they agreed to place my booking on hold.

They stated that they could place my booking on hold for a year from my booking date which was 2 December 2019. They also asked me to let them know a new date that I would like to rearrange to by 16 April 2020.

At the time it was impossible to travel through France as boarders were shut so I therefore requested a full refund as my friends who had booked direct with Eurotunnel had received a full refund.

A lady called Denise then replied to me stating I could not have a full refund and without my permission automatically changed the booking date to departing 6 November 2020 returning on 14 November 2020.

And again they stated that I could not travel after 17 April 2021. this was no use to me.

I then received a message from Becky on 21 March 2020 stating that she had spoken with Eurotunnel and the reason I couldn't have a full refund was because my booking had been changed to November. As I stated, this was NOT done with my permission. I requested a full refund in the first instance (which I was entitled to) which they had seemed to completely ignore. And since then there has been a lot of complacent correspondence. I have had to rebook a crossing with Eurotunnel direct for this August as the customer service was absolutely appalling.

I've been a left completely out of pocket and let down.

Many thanks

Antonio Tomei

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11:17 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Credit note removed

I accepted a credit note refund in May and the credit note showed as confirmed in my account. Now it has disappeared and I can't use it to make a new booking. No one will answer any phone number I have tried nor emails or the messaging service. I now cannot travel unless I pay full price for a separate booking and I have no idea if I did this if I would be refunded my credit note. The date I require (13 days) is less time than the time they say it will take them to get back to me.

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11:16 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more No support concerning refund and voucher

My journey was cancelled due to Covid 19 pandemic and I was granted a voucher by the ferry company which directed me to AFerry booking. In order to make use of this voucher for a new booking I frequently tried to contact AFerry who didn´t seem to care at all. No reply. No support. My holiday is not infinite so I need to travel now, but I simply cannot ge through. This company´s policy is scandulous. I wonder how they obtained an award.

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6:08 am EDT No refund

I paid for protection to be able to cancel
(With no charge) the ferry crossing. I had to cancel this booking due to COVID, this was well over a month ago and despite sending several emails, I have been totally ignored and no refund had been reserved. This is possibly the worst customer service I gave ever received. I feel I have no other option other than to commence legal action. They clearly have an unpaid debt to me. Absolutely dreadful and illegal behaviour from AFerry. I shall begin this action on Friday should I not hear from them. I'm not being unreasonable, I would just like the money that I am owed to be refunded.

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8:15 am EDT Reservation and payment made through web site but on place we had to pay additional

Dear Sirs/Madams,
I made two reservation (numbers [protected] and [protected]) for ferry between Stockholm and Turku for 9 people and 2 cars. As on web site there were available only 4 person cabins I booked 3 cabins. When the 9 people tried to check in on ferry with the booking confirmation I have received from web site, they got information that booking is made only for 2 person cabin (not 4 as it was on the web site when I made a booking). So they had to pay (in cash on place) for 2 more cabins in total 553 EUR.
I wrote about this situation on aferry few times but until know I didn't get any reply.
I need explanation why we had to pay additional 553 EUR and how to get our money back.
Thank you.
Best regards
Maja Zygzula
Commercial Director J-Marine
mob: +[protected]

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2:16 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Credit card scam

Dear Sir/madam

I was received an alert message from my bank that My credit card from KFH, Kuwait. Where charged 259.000 KWD on 11.02.2020 ( at about 08.01 am local Time GMT+3)
Be noted that this transaction shows that there has been a purchase made from Aferry. I have not authorized the transaction and this transaction is completely illegal.

I have notifed the Bank and I hope and trust that the authorities will get in touch with you promptly.

In the meantime, I would request you to take all necessary measures at your end to block the purchaser from obtaining an illegal gain and notify me and my Bank immediately.

Thanking You,

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7:31 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more No where to contact

After booking ticket I received a request for review and informed I could contact aferry by signing up which I did, found booking details but no where to contact them as I wanted to ask if printed tickets were really necessary in this digital age

Why promise something & fail to deliver? Amazon success was principally due to their practised philosophy of under promise over deliver.

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8:52 am EST Customer services

No email confirmation of EuroTunnel booking.
Tried to access my account on AFerry site but email/password not accepted. Asked for password rest - nothing.
Rang the customer services number but no option to speak to someone - message just says do everything via online account - which of course i can't access because their site doesn't send a password reset - endless loop!
Will never use them again and judging by the number of unresolved issues and the inability to contact them I'd recommend this course to everyone

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7:14 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Cancelled tickets from aferry


I bought my tickets from for travelling from Busan (South Korea) to Hakata (Japan) for December 28, 2019 at 08:30. I purchased 2 tickets on December 8, 2019. I bought them to travel with Beetle.

AFerry Reference Number: [protected]

I received confirmation a day later.

JR Kyushu Beetle Ferry Reference Number: K019121150

When I went to Busan Internation Port to learn from Beetle that my tickets are cancelled on December 25, 2019 at 2 am. I had to buy new tickets and I can't even contact AFerry, there is no email, the contact button doesn't work.

I want my money back.

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7:51 am EDT Rude staff, loss of money

We bought tickets from Gills to St Margaret's Hope online and when we arrived at the port the lady very rudely informed us that it was the wrong day (we'd accidentally put the date of the previous day in). We waited patiently (half an hour) to see whether there was anything that could be done about the £70 that we had payed, to be told abruptly that because it was "our fault" there was nothing else other than we had to pay another £70. So we payed £70 however we were told by the rude lady that our dog would be allowed on board to be informed that dogs in fact had to stand outside. So we were spoken to rudely and lied to about whether our dog could go inside, losing £70 for nothing and standing in the rain for an hour. A ferry does not offer any reminders about dates of pending travel and if they had we may not have missed our ferry. I am disappointed with the treatment we received and the loss of money which, frankly I find unnecessary and greedy for a genuine mistake made.

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5:12 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Dieppe newhaven ferry

On 24th July 2019 I tried to book on line a ticket for the above ferry route for 23.59 25th July 2019 priced at £72

On completing all the details when I attempted to pay it rejected it saying my card supplier had declined ( I attempted the transaction three times with the same result

I attempted to contact my card supplier that evening but their customer service was closed at 8pm

This morning I contacted the card supplier who checked and said they had authorised payment FOUR TIMES yesterday and that I should try again

I attempted to book again this morning and the price had increased to £82 and yet again when I put in my payment details it was rejected by Aferry saying my card supplier had declined it ( A TOTAL LIE )

I attempted to contact Aferry but there is NO WAY to contact them by phone or by email even after logging into my account with them

I then booked directly with DFDS (the ferry company) who were now charging £82 as well who accepted my card on line with no problem whatsoever

I am now £10 out of pocket and totally frustrated by not being able to contact Aferry in order to resolve the issue

Needless to say I will NEVER use Aferry again and waste so much time on something that should be simple and quick to do

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4:45 pm EDT Unauthorized credit card charges

An amount of 417 euros have been drawn on 23.07.2019 from my account even though I received an error message:

Booking failed.
We're sorry, the booking failed.
We have therefore cancelled the payment authorization request and can assure you that we will not be collecting any payment for this transaction.
It is advisable to check your email account, including your spam folder, as booking confirmation emails are sent for confirmed bookings.
More details (if available) are shown below.
Quote Error:

ER:903/Component Integrity

please contact me for full refund: +[protected]

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