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Credit card scam

Dear Sir/madam

I was received an alert message from my bank that My credit card from KFH, Kuwait. Where charged 259.000 KWD on 11.02.2020 ( at about 08.01 am local Time GMT+3)
Be noted that this transaction shows that there has been a purchase made from Aferry. I have not authorized the transaction and this transaction is completely illegal.

I have notifed the Bank and I hope and trust that the authorities will get in touch with you promptly.

In the meantime, I would request you to take all necessary measures at your end to block the purchaser from obtaining an illegal gain and notify me and my Bank immediately.

Thanking You,

no where to contact

After booking ticket I received a request for review and informed I could contact aferry by signing up which I did, found booking details but no where to contact them as I wanted to ask if printed tickets were really necessary in this digital age

Why promise something & fail to deliver? Amazon success was principally due to their practised philosophy of under promise over deliver.

customer services

No email confirmation of EuroTunnel booking.
Tried to access my account on AFerry site but email/password not accepted. Asked for password rest - nothing.
Rang the customer services number but no option to speak to someone - message just says do everything via online account - which of course i can't access because their site doesn't send a password reset - endless loop!!
Will never use them again and judging by the number of unresolved issues and the inability to contact them I'd recommend this course to everyone

cancelled tickets from aferry


I bought my tickets from for travelling from Busan (South Korea) to Hakata (Japan) for December 28, 2019 at 08:30. I purchased 2 tickets on December 8, 2019. I bought them to travel with Beetle.

AFerry Reference Number: [protected]

I received confirmation a day later.

JR Kyushu Beetle Ferry Reference Number: K019121150

When I went to Busan Internation Port to learn from Beetle that my tickets are cancelled on December 25, 2019 at 2 am. I had to buy new tickets and I can't even contact AFerry, there is no email, the contact button doesn't work.

I want my money back.

rude staff, loss of money

We bought tickets from Gills to St Margaret's Hope online and when we arrived at the port the lady very rudely informed us that it was the wrong day (we'd accidentally put the date of the previous day in). We waited patiently (half an hour) to see whether there was anything that could be done about the £70 that we had payed, to be told abruptly that because it was "our fault" there was nothing else other than we had to pay another £70. So we payed £70 however we were told by the rude lady that our dog would be allowed on board to be informed that dogs in fact had to stand outside. So we were spoken to rudely and lied to about whether our dog could go inside, losing £70 for nothing and standing in the rain for an hour. A ferry does not offer any reminders about dates of pending travel and if they had we may not have missed our ferry. I am disappointed with the treatment we received and the loss of money which, frankly I find unnecessary and greedy for a genuine mistake made.

dieppe newhaven ferry

On 24th July 2019 I tried to book on line a ticket for the above ferry route for 23.59 25th July 2019 priced at £72

On completing all the details when I attempted to pay it rejected it saying my card supplier had declined ( I attempted the transaction three times with the same result

I attempted to contact my card supplier that evening but their customer service was closed at 8pm

This morning I contacted the card supplier who checked and said they had authorised payment FOUR TIMES yesterday and that I should try again

I attempted to book again this morning and the price had increased to £82 and yet again when I put in my payment details it was rejected by Aferry saying my card supplier had declined it ( A TOTAL LIE )

I attempted to contact Aferry but there is NO WAY to contact them by phone or by email even after logging into my account with them

I then booked directly with DFDS (the ferry company) who were now charging £82 as well who accepted my card on line with no problem whatsoever

I am now £10 out of pocket and totally frustrated by not being able to contact Aferry in order to resolve the issue

Needless to say I will NEVER use Aferry again and waste so much time on something that should be simple and quick to do

unauthorized credit card charges

An amount of 417 euros have been drawn on 23.07.2019 from my account even though I received an error message:

Booking failed.
We're sorry, the booking failed.
We have therefore cancelled the payment authorization request and can assure you that we will not be collecting any payment for this transaction.
It is advisable to check your email account, including your spam folder, as booking confirmation emails are sent for confirmed bookings.
More details (if available) are shown below.
Quote Error:

ER:903/Component Integrity

please contact me for full refund: +[protected]

unauthorized credit card charges

Aferry.plchange of the return date done by the system

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing about the fault made by your system while booking my return ticket for a vehicle FZ7812F done on 11th July 2019 at 18.00. The booking refers to the departure on 19th July 2019 and return on 4th August 2019 which are the correct dates after I had to pay extra for the changes. This is the subject of my compalaint as the system previously changed my return date for 20th July 2019 on its own. As a result extra charging had to be taken from my bank account. I am writing to ask to return the payment of 172 PLN to by bank account as the change of the return date ticket was not done my myself.
I hope that this complaint will be solved as soon as possible with the positive result for me.
Yours faithfully,
Małgorzata Konopnicka

amending a booking

Having made contact with Aferry and speaking with 'Will' I was charged £27 to change my booking date and given confirmation of the new booking in the form of a reference number.

'Hello, we have now changed your return and this is under a new reference number. At check in please use the reference number [protected]. Kind Regards, Will'

Upon arrival at Dieppe ferry port I was shocked to discover that my booking did not exist!
I then had to pay an additional £90 to dfds ferries to again re-book the same crossing I had already paid Aferry to amend.
I now do not have enough money to buy petrol to return home to my wife and baby daughter, I will be stranded in newhaven if this is not taken care of today.

Complete negligence on the part of Aferry and theft, take my money but deliver no service.

I demand a refund of £107 and an explanation. Dfds informed me that this happens all the time as did other customers in the que..

Mr Mark J Hale

a ferry booking system

I made a typing error on making a booking which was quite obvious as I requested for help immediately. I have been told I can't cancel the booking, after entering the wrong dates in.
I find this absurd when it can be seen that my booking is a typing error. It's also ridiculous that you cannot speak with anyone and no contact number offered. Very poor customer service.

fraudulent transaction

Hi Team,

This is regarding the fraudulent transaction happen at your site from my debit card. please find the details below and kindly cancel the order and revert back the amount which is debited.

card No: 5497XXX5XXXX2147 14 Jan19 071911 AFERRY WWW.AFE REF:[protected]

Kindly do the needful

Thank you
M. RaviChaitanya
+91-[protected] (India Number)

ferry booking

I booked a ferry return trip from Malta to Pozzallo for 4 people but Accidentally added a car. The quote was 781 euros. I canceled the booking an hour later realizing the quote included a car. I rebooked again without a car which costed 560 euros.
I then canceled the 1st booking online and hours later receive an email from aFerry stating the booking can be canceled but I will not get a refund which is ridiculous.
I need them to refund in full 781 euros as i have booked again without a car.

mishandled ferry booking confirmation - [protected]

To Whom It May Concern we have contacted AFerry three days ago to have our booking ammended. They have simply ignored our request and they did not respond to us. As a result we...

[Resolved] booking passenger missing

- 27 June 2018 : Travel from Marseille to Ajaccio with La Meridionale:
- Booking reference : [protected]
- Booking reference : 5207234 La Meridionale
- Booking reference : 5207235 Corsica Linea

I would like to request a refund for the following reasons: I have made a booking for two passengers return from Marseille to Ajaccio. At arrival at the desk in Marseille for the outbound travel on 27 June, it appeared in the booking system of La Meridionale that there was only a booking for one person made. The booking for my wife Anne-Marie Olbrechts was missing. However, the booking reference document clearly stipulates that the booking was made for 2 persons. I had to pay the costs for the 2nd passenger on the spot for an amount of 55, 86 EURO.
Since the booking documents clearly mentions the reservation for a total of 336, 20 EUR for 2 passengers, I found the fact that we had to pay for this mistake on your behalf unacceptable, since we were not able to make an objective decision on where to book our travel based upon the correct amount to be paid. Therefore, I would like to receive a compensation from your side and I would like to be reimbursed at least for the extra amount paid on the spot due to a failure in your system.
Please find attached the booking references documents.


Joris De Baerdemaeker

booking passenger missing
booking passenger missing
booking passenger missing
booking passenger missing
booking passenger missing

  • Resolution Statement

    The company provided the same day a refund of 61 Euros and offered a 5 % discount for a next booking I am pleased by the swift response for this situation.

double booking, charging twice and not receiving a confirmation email

To whom it may concern, Last night I was trying to book a ferry from Marseille to Algiers on the website. Initially I had been able to process the payment but at the...


Hello. I did a booking with aferry company for a trip Busan/Fukuoka (Korea/Japan). They sent me confirmation, acceptation for payment but when i arrived in the port, i saw they...

payment not received

On May 5, 2018, I purchased two tickets on the Aferry website to travel from Paros to Santorini on May 30, 2018 with the company Blue Star Ferries. A day before, on May 29, in Paros, when we went to change our printed confirmation of the reservation for the tickets to the Blue Star Ferries office they informed us that the trip had been suspended due to a strike at the company Blue Star Ferries and we could not travel. I requested the refund of the tickets and they told me that I had to make the request directly with Aferry since I bought the tickets trough them. I sent emails to the same address where they had confirmed the purchase ([protected] explaining the situation and requesting a refund but they never answered me.

The data of the purchase were:
Booking number Aferry: [protected]
Reference code Blue Star Ferries: [protected]
Blue Star Ferries tickets number: A- @ [protected], A- @ [protected]
Passengers: Cecilia Vidangos Schulze and Jorge Justiniano Salinas
Cost: USD 57.24

I request that Aferry can deposit the refund of the cost of the tickets to the same credit card with which I purchased the tickets.

Cecilia Vidangos Schulze
Cel phone: +591 [protected]

customer service

I made a booking but ended up booking the wrong date, so I immediately tried to contact AFerry but the phone number no longer works telling you to use the messaging system in your account. When I go to my account there is no booking showing (despite getting a booking confirmation email) and no option to message anyone. I have tweeted but still no response. How are you supposed to deal with an error if there is no way to contact anyone?

  • Updated by apd2018 · Aug 03, 2018

    Yes it was a problem with the website and after posting on here the customer service team got in touch. But this was the only way I could get a response.

aferry reference number [protected], grand navi veloci reference number [protected] booking 3 rooms for sal palermo to napoly 31/5/2018

Hi I just returned from Italy after the ferry travel from Palermo to Napoly. it was very very BAD .
A- Ship boarding was at 21:00 - 3 hours delay. Check-in GNV gave me 3 rooms 10128, 10130, and 7115. Saying this automatic and she can not change. She said they change 7115 on ship to floor 10 with the other 2 rooms.
B- On the ship the reception officer women insists that there are no rooms and I must have the 7115. It was small room with two beds one over the other, sower over the toilet, no towels no soap and looks like a prison room. This is not the room I paid for. I returned to this reception women and she shouted at me and talked to me very badly saying I must stay at 7115. (we are 63 years old, we made the reservation few month ago - how dare she send us to 7115 ??)
At this point I approached the ship "total manager" and forced the reception women to give me a normal room 11108. She still argued with him not to give us the room on deck 11) But thank god he helped us and moved us to 11108.
C- then the other two rooms 10128 and 10130 could not be delivered to us. The same terrible reception women said they had double booking and have no rooms ! and we need to speak to a manager, we waited another 45 minutes until the other reception officer came and gave us rooms 11111 and 11113. only at 23:00 we could go for dinner.
C - I purchased 6 adult complete meals, but still could not get chips and other stuff, had to pay for a fruit..why was that?
For Breakfast we could not get the scrambled eggs...
D - the ship stinking from oil and gasoline, specially in the dining room.
E - we arrive late at Napoly. Only one elevator operated to get us down to the car...
In summary - very Bad experience, The reception women (Black hair) was terrible and did not want to give us her name!
Only the "Total manager" was very helpful and good person that actually helped in this extreme bad situations.
As a result I was very disappointing with this travel and this is NOT the way to treat customers.
As a result I want you to reimburse me with total cost I pay.
Gershon Nir

aferry reference number [protected], grand navi veloci reference number [protected] booking 3 rooms for sal palermo to napoly 31/5/2018

ferry tickets, money took from account, no ticket

Date of incident: 2nd May 2018
I have no client number

I have booked tickets on website: - Polish version of your website. After I paid for tickets there was information that reservation failed but you took money from my account!!! This is nothing more than a theft. There is no email address on your website, no way to contact you!!! When I log into my account there is nothing, just empty space under ´reservations'.
I expect immediately contact from you and I read reviews that I'm not the only one customer treated like that!!

booking not received after payment

588379 Hello, I've buyed 2 tickets from Tallin to Helsinki, today, from . My money was taken from my bank account, but i didn't receive any confirmation of the booking...

fraudulent/unauthorized transaction

588379 Sir, I am a customer with ICICI Bank sr nagar hyderbad branch, India . I received an alert on 06.11.2017 ( between 20:28 pm and 20:41 pm Indian Standard Time) on my mobile that...

online scam

Sir, I am a customer with ICICI Bank, India. I received an alert today 06.11.2017 ( at about 3.06 am Indian Standard Time) on my mobile that a 3 transaction of Indian Rupees 66...

unauthorized credit card movements on my card

God evening I have received 5 different messages on my mobile tonight about 5 different purchases on my master card I have not authorized any of them, but according to my bank...

internet cheating

Sir, I am a customer with ICICI Bank, India. I received an alert today 08.09.2017 ( at about 5.17 am Indian Standard Time) on my mobile that a transaction of Indian Rupees 1...


Hello. My name is Sergejs Baziks. Reference number: 9589638 When I bought a ticket for ferry in your company, I chosed the option of flexy ticket. I paid for it £20 extra. The...

cancelled journey - awaiting refund

Aferry ref 8930790 - ferry hull-zeebrugge geannuleerd dd 21/6/2017 - claim! - 4th reminder Through different channels I try to get hold of somebody hoping to receive an answer...

refund denied

Booking ref 9316411. Dfds ref [protected] Needed to cancel journey, this vehicle part of truck team carrying a tractor pulling sledge to uk. Booking of truck ref 9314592 refunded no...

ferry algeciras-tanger thursday 13th april 2017

Dear Sir/Madame, Our 4pm Balearia Ferry with the AFerry reference No. 8984137 was delayed by almost six hours on the 13th April 2017. There was no a reasonable or extraordinary...

AFerry — jadrolinija scam

I posted the following information on this site on Sun 24 Jul 2016 at 16:28: Read Jadrolinija Jadrolinija Contacts & Information Posted: Jul 24, 2016 by Diane Martin Ticket...

AFerry.comamendment of ferry ticket

I bought a ferry ticket from for a return dunkirk -dover from 22 to 24 july 2016. Two weeks before this date i contacted their customer service to change my bookings dates to next year since we had problems. They answered that they will charge a 30 euro for the amendment. So i tried to amend to next year but they had no possiblities open for next year so they suggested i book for next december then i can change them to next year july for free. But when i amended the booking they charged me with a new ticket price so now i have paid twice for one ticket that is only valid in december not even july 2017...
They are refusing to refund me and i am now afraid that they will do the same deed in december when i ask them to amend this ticket again!
How can we give complaints to a court of law since it seems that many people are linched by these thieves?

AFerry — ticket purchased from aferry not honored

Jadrolinija reference number: 3358294 AFerry Booking ref.: 7278660 On July 24, 2015, I bought a round trip ticket from AFerry for the Ancona-Split-Ancona ferry. On August 14, I...

ignoring complaints

I had issues with their website and the wrong information was inputted when making a reservationon the 7th April under ref: 7857342. I contacted them immediately and they advised that it was ok and the changes will be updated at the port, that was wrong advice. On the 30th May I was not allowed to board the ferry and the ferry company forced me to purchase a new ticket worth £170. I spoke and emailed them several times requesting a refund as it was their fault but they are ignoring my calls and correspondence. DO NOT TRUST THEM, book directly with the ferry company.

AFerry.comthey sold me a non-existing service sold me a crossing from dover, uk to calais, france as foot passengers using dfds ferry line. Turned out, dfds does not accept foot passengers. Instead of at least refunding my fare (£30) they tried to shift the blame. I suffered a great deal of aggravation, a 4 hour delay and £60 of extra out-of-pocket expenses. At the veil least, I should have been refunded the fare I paid. It appears they never give anyone a refund!

  • Da
    Daniel Lakey Jun 29, 2012

    I booked ferry cruise at and received email confirmation for my booking. I had to purchase separate tickets for motorbikes and passengers and when we arrived I was told that it is impossible to travel with that kind of papers. Well, how it is possible then that they’ve sold me those tickets?

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  • Dear Mr Lakey,

    Thank you very much for booking with Please accept our sincere apologies that your travel plans didn't work out as expected with the ferry company you chose. We have thousands of very satisfied daily customers and would love it if you were able to join their ranks.

    We would very much like to help you, and would very much appreciate it if you could contact us so we can do that. We have no record of you contacting us about this. The situation you describe sounds very strange to us as we work very closely with many ferry companies and have never heard of anything like this happening.

    If you look at your booking confirmation you will see some direct contact details, of if you have lost these, you can find our contact details by following the link at the bottom of website pages. You could even email us your phone number so that we can call you when it is convenient.

    We really do want to help you and to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.We look forward to hearing from you and thank you once again for booking with

    Best regards,

    The AFerry team

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  • Dear AAWitt,

    Thanks very much for booking with Please accept our sincere apologies that your booking experience didn't meet your expectations. We have thousands of very satisfied customers every day and we would love it if you could join their ranks.

    To address your specific issues; it would be impossible to book as a foot passenger on a DFDS Dover-Calais ferry and certainly our system does not allow this and has never allowed this. If it did, we would have many more complaints. :) Instead most people on Trustpilot (where we ask our customers to write reviews) actually give us 5 stars.

    Around the time that this complaint was written we did receive a similar complaint and I wonder if you could be the same person? In this situation, the customer booked a car crossing but in the car registration field wrote "foot passenger". If you are this person, we can only apologise that you didn't understand how our booking system works. We try to make our site as clear as possible for everyone. We have since made changes to our site that should make things even clearer. However, we have never had a case like this before or since.

    Regarding cancellations and refunds, the ferry companies decide on these themselves. As you booked an economy ticket, a refund was not possible in this instance. We are sorry about this and can certainly appreciate that this must have been frustrating.

    Thanks once again for booking with us and we hope that this reply has helped you to understand the situation more. We hope that this one experience won't put you off booking with us again.

    Best regards,

    The AFerry team

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  • Fr
    Frank Reijg Jun 30, 2015

    Made a booking for the ferry to Corsica but had to change the name and age of one of the passengers. The 'self-amend' function doesn't work (there's a remark saying that changes can only be made by telephone..??) and after hanging on the telephone for more than 30 minutes (international call!!!) I decided to take the risk and start my travel to Marseille without making the name change (not sure if this is really needed anyway; ticket stays the same...)

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  • Ch
    Chas Allen Jul 28, 2015

    I wish to make a complaint.
    Mr.Charles Allen, UK
    Ferry booking confirmation-6804326
    On the 27th June 2015;10:15hrs, waiting to board the ferry from Ancona to Patra, I was the first passenger to board the ferry on my motorcycle; Yamaha T-Max, EX61 MKO.
    I was instructed to board the ferry by a staff member at the departure point, I was told and I qout" drive up the ramp", when I arrived on the ferry deck there was nobody in sight to instruct me as were to go there, there a was a narrow ramp that desended to another deck so I very carefully I road further into the ferry on the deck leading from the boarding ramp which after coming from bright sunlight into darkness I was unable to see very well, I was not instructed to take the narow ramp, instead I carried on into towards the bow of the ferry as I said I was not instructed by any member of the crew to do otherwiese.
    I must stress I prosseded very slowly, suddenly the rear wheel slid sideways then over I whent the the machine laying on top of me, all of a sudden staff apeard from no ware and helped me get from under the bike and lift it off me, while doing so a member of staff said "freezer lorries have left a lot of flued on the deck".
    Are you alright somebody askes me "No I said" but at that time nobody cared all there concern was getting rid of me and filling up the ferry.
    A brand new crash helmet that I was wareing smashed into the steel deck which has made the helmet unfit for use and must be throne away, any bang on a motorcycle crash helmet makes it unsafe to use afterwards.
    I sustaind a badly bruised elbow which blead and became contaminated by the freezer fluid left behind by the freezer lorreys, at no time was I warned about this hazard as no crew member was present to advise me of this hazard, which I was unable to see.
    On the T-Max were 2 custom made panniers and pannier rackes that had to be fabricted for my T-Max, the left pannier and support rack will need major repairs, also part of the front left fairing must be re-sprade and a shirt was ruinde because of the fluid left behind.
    1. Left elbow injurde.
    2. Left Pannier and support rack badly damaged.
    3. One new crash helmet wreck'd.
    4. Damage to left side fairing.
    When I was straping my T-Max down with my own straps a little Greek fat deck hand repeatedly called me stupid, infact 3 times, I am a 64 yr old disable man and falling off motorcycles is bad enough but when it could have been avoided makes it even worse.
    I will point out that after a Greek female steward realised that shock was setting in was very supportive and administed
    1st Aid to my elbow, in fact all but this little fat Greek gentalmen were very hard working and atentive on both trip's
    I am contacting you because I wish to make a claim aginst, AFerry for damage to not myself, but my T-Max and my panniers, at the moment the T-Max is being assesed for other damage to the machine, I will provide further paper work and if you wish the detales can be posted to you from the engeneers and the motorcycle dealer re; crash helmet and panniers and body sprayer, I look forward to quick response
    Regards. Mr. Charles Allen

    PS. I am sorry for the poor grammar, but the spell checker does not appaer to be working.

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Afeleti Pedrocancel my premier credit card

I cancel my first premier credit card that you send me, I also received my payment for this card and yet I didn't activate and use it so thats why I request the cancellation of this card. And please will you send me a letter to verify that you cancel this account in case this will effect my credits on my credit report. Please send it to my email [protected] I appreciate your help thank you.

  • Af
    Afeleti Pedro Jul 26, 2010

    Will you show the copy of your respond letter thats being send to my email on this comment posting so I will print it, because there is something wrong with my email, thank you and I appreciate your help.

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  • Ee
    EePp Aug 13, 2018

    I need to contact AFerry regarding my existing booking with them, however, their phone number does not work and they do not provide any means to send them a message despite their claim that I can send them message directly from My Account. No, in My Account I can't even see my existing booking.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Lavelle Aug 14, 2018

    how is this ok????? I need to talk to a human and there is no possible way to do this. you've changed our ferry twice today once via email and once via text with two completely different confirmed departure times. what the heck is going on and how can I contact you if I cannot login to my account (which I can't) NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

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  • Ro
    Rob_Rijk Aug 15, 2018

    I have booked tickets on the AFerry website from Lombino to Sardinie. After I paid for the tickets there was information that reservation failed but you took money from my account!!! How do I get my money back. I can not reach anybody by phone and also I can not get in contact via MyAccount.

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  • Lo
    Loraine trollip Oct 22, 2019

    Good day,

    Someone has made a fraudulent transaction with you with my card on the 12 of October.
    Please reach me at +12424708898 or [email protected] I need this to happen today please.

    Warm regards
    Loraine Trollip

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