FlightHubnon rebooking with my credit

A Nov 24, 2017

I had to cancel reservations which they said is ok just pay another $75 to cancel and get a credit to use within a year. ...which I did. I tried 4 times to use my credit throughout the year, I couldn't get the price that was online, I had to call customer service to use my credit which they would quote me a price 2xs more expensive than the price online and that was including my credit off! is that possible? They are a bunch of crooks! I missed a wedding and a funeral because I couldn't use my credit, instead of a $500 flight, they wanted to charge me $1200 WITH my credit! Also I sat on hold for 5hs to get through to customer service to even try to use my credit! I will never use flighthub again and HIGHLY recommend anyone to NOT use them, they will change your flight date and time also, with no consideration to the customer!! It's happened to 2 people I know!! Also good luck understanding them!! 😡 my advice, pay the extra $10 and USE A DIFFERENT BOOKING COMPANY, !!!

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