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I had the most unpleasant experience at flight hub on May 31, 2018.
I had a problem with my travel from Vancouver to Montreal and needed problem solving from the hotline. Whilst the customer service was polite, they were absolutely not problem solvers at all, instead just reading from their script and quoting policy. Four times. From May 31 -June 3. Hours on the phone waiting for pickup and going through the process until you actually reach a manager higher up who can suggest that you approach the airline yoursel[censored]

Finally I approached the airline myself and had obtained a solution as I am in the travel industry and have some idea of how the industry works. The catch was that I needed to get confirmation from the provider (which is Flight hub) that the solution was acceptable to them. So again with the long process of going through customer service, getting the script reading by frontline staff and finally insisting to speak to a manager who actually had the power to do something (for you other readers just ask to speak to "support team" because the frontline staff have absolutely no power to authorize anything except read you their policy.) What surprised me was that I was given advice that was FALSE and told that they could not do anything for me. When I told them that I already had the solution and only needed their confirmation, I was kept on the line for 40 minutes while they had to call the carrier to confirm the solution that I actually obtained.

All in all I was so disgusted with the frontline staff at Flight hub customer care that I am no longer a customer as I choose to take my business elsewhere. And since I am in the travel industry in Asia, I intend to make my experience well known and public when I get home to my city.

Flight hub services, you need to really improve customer care, because you will lose business when people are so fed up with your service or lack thereof.

Sincerely wrote this letter to let you know that you need to improve.

Mrs Lau.

Jun 04, 2018

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