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My boyfriend and I bought tickets from Montreal toMorocco departing the 4 February 2018 and returning from portugal the 11th of april. Our confirmation #[protected]. We wanted to cancel our tickets to change destination and we weren't sure if that was possible. We then called a flighthub representative to ask if we could change the destination. She then proceeded to explain that we would have to pay 200$ of cancellation fees( when we had already paid the extended cancellation fees). We would then receive a credit to be able to cancel the flight and be able to use that credit for ANY destination we wanted. We made sure about 7 times that we would be able to use that credit for any destination and with any carrier. We then proceeded to cancel the reservations and we would be able to use the credit in the next 24 hours. The next day we called to.arrange a new destination when a new representative told us we could not change our destination only the date of the flights. We were misinformed by one of your representative. We would have never canceled our initial flights knowing the correct information which is that you can't change destination. We are still going on vacation on the same dates, this is why I find it ridiculous how we can not find an agreement on this issue that is clearly your companies fault. The supervisor even agreed that this was their mistake and would proceed to give a "disciplinary action to the first representative we spoke to. But that does not excuse the fact that we lost 200$

I have been a faithful client of yours for the past 5 years and I am very disappointed in this situation. If this issue is not in any way compensated for I will never be in business with your company ever again. Neither will my family or friends.

Thank you for your consideration

I will be waiting for a response.

Jasmine Laxson

Nov 22, 2017

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