Flight Hub / terrible customer service and mixed messages

Halifax, NS, Canada

I had to cancel a flight booked with Flight Hub last year. When I called to use the credit I was told that there would be a large fee to book a flight for my niece as I was changing the name of the passenger. I didn't book it. When I wanted to book a flight to the U.S. I called Flight Hub and was told to call the airline directly. When I called the airline I was told I would have to book it through Flight Hub. I called back to Flight Hub and was told that I couldn't use the credit for a flight to the U.S. It had to be in Canada only. I didn't book it. Now here I am trying to use my credit for a flight within Canada. I spent 2 hrs on the phone this afternoon and didn't get any answers on pricing before a I had to leave for an appointment. I called back tonight and spent another hour on the phone. This time I was told that the price advertised on their website is not one that I can get and use my credit against. Instead of the $462 price shown online they want to charge me $768! I have a credit of $453. They will charge a $75 fee but still want me to pay an additional $300 on top of my credit to purchase this ticket! Unbelievable! Finally the agent told me to call back tomorrow as the price may be lower by then. Honest to goodness I predicted I would run into trouble again as it seems they are doing anything they can to prevent giving me my credit! I don't know what to do next other than give up and kiss my credit good bye. Bet that's what they are counting on from most frustrated customers.

May 26, 2015

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