Flight Hub / falsely stated cancellation fees

Cornwall, ON, Canada
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I called Flighthub to inquire about whether or not I could add my husband to my itinerary. They informed me that I couldn't as the flight was sold out. I asked how much it would cost for me to cancel my flight, so that I could re-book it with my husband. They told me it would cost a total of $225, which included $100 of airline fees, and $125 of their own internal fees. I considered my options and decided that for $225 I would rather fly with my husband. I told them to proceed with the cancellation, and I went on to book a flight with my husband. Later that evening, Flighthub called me back, to inform me that they had made a mistake. The airline fees were actually $365, not including their own internal fees. I told them that this was unacceptable, as for that price I would've kept my flight and travelled alone, but now it is too late, as my flight was already booked. They said they could wave their internal fee, but I would still be responsible for the airline service charge of $368. I told them that this was unacceptable, as it was still more than $140 over our agreed initial price, and I was not willing to spend that much on a cancellation. If I had been given this information, I would have selected a different option. The manager that spoke with me insisted there was nothing more he could do. I feel that they are responsible for the balance of the $143 as it was their CSR that had misquoted me the price, and this should be their cost of doing business. He was insistent there was nothing more that can be done.

Jun 25, 2015

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