Flagstar Bank / mortgage / rude and misread client's info all the timel

United States

Flagstar increased my escrow monthly payment without notifying me last month. They called me late last month saying they put my last month's payment on hold because its short on escrow amount. I paid the escrow difference over the phone with additional $15 processing fee. They promised to apply both payments to my account and asked me to called back in 24-48 hours to waive the late fee. So I called back in 2 days, spoke with a lady named 'Carmen'. She confirmed that late fee was never charged and everything was fine. After 2 weeks, I received another call from Flagstar saying I didn't make this month's payment. I called back and spoke with a lady named 'Dee'. I tried to explain the situation to her and ask what's going on. But she is SUPER RUDE and would not allow me to talk at all. After 20 minutes struglle with her, I finally realized that Flagstar took part of my last month's payment and used it to pay for a $89 late fee. Therefore, my last month's payment was $89 short. When I called 2 weeks ago and spoke with Carmen, she misread my account information. When I complained to 'Dee' on they could misread account information being a bank professional, Dee said:'IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!' That is really scary to know that FLAGSTAR EMPLOYEES MISREAD CLIENTS' INFORMATION ALL THE TIME. When I expressed my concern over her comment, she again would not allow me to talk at all. CanNOT imagine how POOR and UNPROFESSIONAL their service is and how RUDE their employees are!!! Would NEVER want to deal with them again!!!

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