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Dear Sir,
I was been contacted by one of First Gulf Bank sales agent Named Mr. Binish (Contact Number - +[protected]) and upon introduction I was been Informed that the Credit Card is Free for Life Time for Dubai World employees. I verified this with Mr. Binish several times before proceeding with my acceptance of applying for the credit card and every time I got the same reply that the credit card is free for life time. Finally upon receiving the credit card when I called the call centre to activate the card and cancel the insurance and credit shield, I just casually checked with the staff and was shocked to know that the card was free only for the first year and thereupon there will be annual charge applicable. I thereupon called Mr. Bineesh and again by him I was given the same response that the card is free for life time and that it was a special offer for Dubai World Employees. He said that the card will become free for lifetime after 45 days from the date of activation. I waited till 45 days and called back again and again I was surprised that the card was still not changed to free for life time. Once again I called Mr. Binish and again this man is telling me to call after 2 days, call after 5 minutes. Finally I was been told that he would be sending me a form by Email which I need to sign and fax back to him, that will enable the card to be free for life time. It's been 5 days since I am yet to receive the email. However with the wrong information given and poor service I would definitely want to cancel this card and would seek and answer from FGB that is this the way you do the marketing of your products by fooling the customers with wrong information. Does the business of FGB rely on false and lies. If so I will never recommend anyone to First Gulf Bank and their Products.

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  • Da
      Nov 23, 2012

    Its True

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  • No
      Nov 23, 2012

    The stupidity of some of these complaints amazes me.

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  • Su
      Jul 17, 2013

    I have got into the same situation where I was being told that the credit card is free for life. But since I wasn't sure whether its true or not, I didn't activate my credit card. They called me several times to activate my account. Since I am not working at the moment, I told them that whether its ok if i activate it late once i get another job? They said its fine. After a year, i receive AED 535.03 for no reason. I called them and they said the first year is free. I told them the details of the person who told me this and that I am not willing to pay this amount and would like to cancel my account immediately. They said it will take 7 working days. OH I HATE THEM!!!

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  • Ni
      Sep 02, 2014

    My fiancee is currently dealing with same situation. Please help. What do we do now?

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