First Gulf Bank [FGB]credit card

I had a settlement plan with NBAD for my overdue amount card number: [removed] to be paid for 18 months which started October 2016 and ended March 2018. Bank agent who initiated the settlement plan failed to close the card as per collections department staff in Abu Baker Alsiddik branch. Since there was a merge with FGB it seems the bank lost the records, collections they are insisting if I don't provide them with the settlement liability letter I will have to pay again all the amount the card was charging during this period.
I was working for a company which has shut down due political reasons, my letter was forwarded to my company email which I can't access right now as I am no longer an employee with them. The bank keeps sending me messages that they will impose travel ban. Collections they are not willing to find a solution for this matter.



Nov 27, 2018

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