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Terrible company! Do not use this company to process credit cards. I own a small business that barely makes it from month to month. When I decided to switch my credit card processor to another company they charged me a 500.00 early termination fee. I called to complain and I get the most cold, mean spirited, souless service reps that I have ever talked to. I repeat do not use their services or you will be sorry.

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  • Vi
      May 10, 2009

    Check your credit report... First Data destroyed my credit!!! They might of done it to you too...
    Make sure you pull your credit report... If your situation is anything like what I experienced with First Data, then you should check your credit report. My story can be found on ... Good luck...

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  • Sc
      Aug 27, 2009

    you are so right about the cold, mean spirited, souless service reps at FIRST DATA... I AM IN A MESS RIGHT NOW WITH THEM AND ITS BEEN GOING ON FOR THE LAST 20 DAYS NOW

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  • Cd
      Nov 30, 2009

    I'm a class action attorney in the process of assessing possible class action lawsuits against First Data. Our fim has already successfully prosecuted claims against other credit card processors for unfair trade practices. Please contact me with more information about your complaints. [protected]

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  • Fi
      Mar 08, 2010

    Go to this twitter link and retweet our post. We will let everyone know about their practices.

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  • Ma
      Dec 14, 2010

    We just opened a new business and first data promised to give us our eccommerce store for free with their service to make a long story short we was charged 14.95 plus 7.00 a month this was never discussed with us, after we signed the contract and wanted to cancel because of the overcharge they said we would be charged a cancellation fee of $500.00 because we used the terminal to process 2 transactions, we just got this account and the account never had the eccommerce part set up and they said they still would not allow us to cancel is there a way we can get out of this our total monthly charge with them will run almost 90.00 which is not what we signed up for

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  • Pa
      Mar 08, 2011

    I was a temporary tenant at a mall for 2 months at Christmas time. The First Data guy came to my stand and we did the contract together, and I saw him put into the computer that my termination fee would be waived because I was only going to be there for two months. Guess what, I canceled the service like we both knew I was going to do and I got charged $500! I had no monthly fee, and no yearly fee, just the $29.99 quarterly maintenance fee, so even if I kept the service for 3 years, I would have only had to pay $359.88! So they charged me more to cancel it than if I had kept it. I am still trying to work it out, but it's ridiculous that I have to go through so much of a hassle because of this. And they did NOT tell me about the $500 fee when I canceled it. It just got charged to my bank account. So I was lucky I had the money in there to cover it.

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