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First Data CorporationCanceled merchant services

I was told when signing with this company that I could cancel services within the first 30 days if I was not satisfied. I did so and returned their equipment that was not compatible with my merchant software within the first 5 days of signing. They continuously gave me the runaround, but said that they canceled my services with no problems. Here I am, 3 years later, still being harassed by them for money, they refused to stop taking money from my checking account and I am now broke and out of business and they want to threaten me! They call every single day, starting at 8 am on the dot. I receive collection letters in the mail every week and I am tired!!

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    Jul 16, 2020

    First Data Corporation — Customer service department.

    Hello, I am complaining about the disrespectful customer service that I received from one of your service...

    Jul 16, 2020

    First Data Corporation — Terrible rip off, "bank" must be shut down

    My small motel business uses First Data as the processing bank for our credit card sales. On February 29...

    Mar 10, 2020

    First Data Corporation — customer service, technical support, security

    I wanna start of by saying that I do not recommend first data or fiserv to any small business or anyone as a...

    May 06, 2019

    First Data Corporation — refusal to accept payment on the account

    My company has gone out of business. We closed out checking account. On April 8, 2019, I sent a letter to my...

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    Aug 14, 2018

    First Data Global Leasing — leased me equipment that did not meet my needs and now holding me to 36 month contract

    A representative from First Data Global Leasing said I would need to upgrade my existing equipment, which wa...

    Jul 12, 2018

    First Data Corporation — business ethic concern.

    I leased the equipment for my salon with a two year contract. Now after two years my business went bad and I...

    May 10, 2018

    First Data Corporation — credit card processing service - merchant services

    Do not use this company and if you do, change to another. We have experienced everything mentioned by other...

    First Data Global Leasing — they tell you no fee then I signed the contract and then there was a $159 a month lease for 4 years

    I was called by a company promising big processing fee savings and then they tell me no equipment fees and...

    First Dataterminal lease

    We have been screwed by Bank of America in signing a 4 year lease agreement/contract for a terminal which we haven't used for the past 2 years. We have called in to Bank of America Merchant Services for assistance and they referred us to First Data who own the Equipment. Have called them several times to see how we can cancel and return the terminal. They keep telling us that we have to pay for the balance of the time on the lease times $51.58 monthly. Right now we are told we have another 19 months left to pay on it which brings it to a total of $941.39. I don't understand why we should be paying for something we are not using. I spoke with a rep at First Data and she told me that she doesn't know whether we are using the terminal or not. I told her come on, you should know coz there's no transactions made on that terminal or on our account. We had cancelled our merchant account over a year ago. Bank of America keeps charging us $51.58 each month for it even though we have not made one transaction for the past 2 years. Can someone assist how to resolve this problem and help us.

    Thank you

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      First Data Merchant Services — false billing?

      I got an invoice to my business from First Data Merchant Services. The address is 14141 SW Freeway, Sugar...

      First Dataleasing terminals for 50$-$300 a month

      I work for an honest processing company. Anybody ripped off by first data email me at [protected]@gmail.com I will give you our low cost guarantee rate and also a free terminal so we can process your transactions. Free application, free terminal, and a $100 rebate if you mention first data. They are criminals these terminals are free. Disgusting.

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        • Updated by Honestybestpolicy · Jul 26, 2017

          I am an honest manager at a cc processing company.. Do not lease any terminal from this [censor] of the earth company I have to hear about 20 times a day. I will provide you with a free terminal and give you a low cost guarantee rate up front no questions asked everything free. [protected]@gmail.com. I'm so sick of [censor] giving cc companies a bad name

        • Updated by Honestybestpolicy · Jul 26, 2017

          If you were lied to or tricked into a lease with this [censor] first data contact me immediately at [protected]@gmail.com I will provide you with a free placed terminal, application, and programming to release you of having to do business with them and give you a 100$ rebate to use on your statement. This has got to end I'm fed up and tired of it. I work for an honest processing company and it does not have to be this way. Terminals are free unless you need a station with cash drawers. Application fee is free, programming-free.. Shipping is free.. We give you a low cost guarantee and a guaranteed lowest rate available. No hidden fees only a 5$ statement fee. Stop doing business with somebody who has clearly ripped you off. If you are stuck in a lease contact me we will discuss it but I can 100% take over the processing and send you a new terminal for free and you can send these [censor] their terminal that's cost 150$ back to them that they charged you thousands of dollars for.. It's disgusting and let GOD punish them. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this company treating honest business owners like they and taking advantage of them.. Mention any known processor that is ripping people off and I will get you taken care of at no charge and I guarantee you I will do it email me.

        • Updated by Honestybestpolicy · Jul 26, 2017

          I am an honest processor that works for an honest company and I hear about first data all day long and they give the industry a bad name. They are complete and utter [censor]. Anybody who mentions first data and emails me will get terminals for free, application fee free, shipping free, and programming of terminal free plus a low cost guarantee certificate guaranteeing you the lowest rate. It does not have to be like this. Contact me ASAP to stop the bleeding I will handle everything for you so you don't have to speak with them again.. It's absolutely disgusting how they treat people I talked to a guy who was charged 300$ for a terminal and then told he needed a back up so the 300$ would be accepted by leasing company.. I draw the line I'm sick of these tricks it's time to switch now. Period..[protected]@gmail.com

        • Updated by Honestybestpolicy · Jul 26, 2017

          If you are with this company you have been ripped off or in great danger. I work for an honest CC processing company and we give you a low cost guarantee rate and also a free placed terminal..DO NOT lease a terminal. I will get you a EMV PCI compliant terminal at no charge. No application fee, no pre programming fee, no shipping cost.. No cost at all just hook up your terminal and you pay the low rate guarantee that's it. Honestly is the best policy we want businesses to stay with us for 100 years that's how good businesses run..if you are with this company I suggest you act immediately and email me at [protected]@gmail.com and no questions will be asked you will immediately get honest treatment and everything I mentioned wether you are with first data or not this is for everybody and everybody gets the same treatment..

        • Updated by Honestybestpolicy · Jul 26, 2017

          This company is a complete and utter joke.. They want you to sign paperwork and then you are their next victim of total grief and humiliation.. Leases are free unless you are getting a statiom with cash drawers.. Application fees can be waived, pre programming the terminal can be waived.. Shipping the terminal can be waived.. I'm willing to waive it all to save anybody who is with this company after hearing an old widow tell me they got her for 300$ a month on a lease for a $150 terminal.. What kind of human being with no soul would do something like that? It made my stomach cringe and I'm disgusted. Anybody who emails me and tell me any processor has done anything like this will immediately have all fees waived and a free placed terminal.. All we ask is that if you close the doors you send it back to us.. We give you a low cost guarantee rate meaning it is the lowest rate possible up front you do not have to fight us for a low rate is mandatory. Email me at [protected]@gmail.com immediately stop giving away your money to these thieves..

        • Updated by Honestybestpolicy · Jul 26, 2017

          Terminals are placed free, application fees are free and can be waived by account managers, pre programming fees can be waived and free, and so can shipping.. I am a national account manager for a CC processing company if you have been doing business with these thieves please contact me immediately for everything free.. I'm not going to charge you one penny. I have had enough and I'm tired of hearing customers complain about this company every single day, day after day all day long.. Anybody who contacts me and is currently with this company contact me I will help you a s pay then termination fee and immediately get you on the lowest rate platform with a low cost guarantee and ship you out a free placed terminal.. I have had enough. [protected]@gmail.com

        First Data Global Leasing — credit card processing equipment

        This company leases equipment that is valued at 250.00 for almost 70.00 per month. A total scam that should...

        First Data Global Leasing — unethical behavior

        They contacted us saying that they could save us money on our credit card transactions. We signed up and they...

        First Data Merchant Servicesrate hikes, and extra monthly fees. overage charges - in general.

        Located in Miami, Fl. Customer from 11/13 - 3/17. Request a refund. Contracted through Citi Merchant Services. It looks as though I have been charged incorrectly for "Transarmor Solution Monthly" and also "PCI non compliance" every month since I started working with them. Sometimes the charge appears twice on my bill every month, once on the 2nd and then again on the 28th - but in two different spots on the bill. In addition, my transaction rate varies from transaction to transaction, when I had a fixed rate - in the favor of First Data. I would like to file a suit, or join a suit. Please advise. Thanks for the website.

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          • Yo
            yogakandy Dec 20, 2018

            A law suit sounds like a great idea to me. They were charging me incorrectly on that Transarmor crap as well and they just charged me $19.83 which is not part of my monthly charges. When I called and asked about it the customer service rep was very vague. Then when I pushed her for more info she said that it is a yearly maintenance fee!!

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          BOA/First data -Merchant Services , B AMS — Merchant agreement credit card processing

          I have been a Merchant Member of Bank of America/Merchant Services credit card business for 17 months. I...

          First Data — dejavoo credit card terminal

          Switched to Securus for credit card processing. Salesman promised it would save us money. Then found out we...

          First Datamerchant account

          All their customer people know how to say is i'm sorry, I apologize, i'm sorry. But, they can't solve any of your problems. Some of the sorriest people i've ever talked to. If you need a merchant account to accept credit cards for your business - do not use first data. They are such crooks and make it expensive to stop doing business with them. They suck you into a long-term contract and then when you try to break the contract, they play whack-o-mole with you. If you call one minute before the contract expires, you get hit with a $500 early termination penalty. If you call one minute after the contract expires, you get automatically renewed and they hit you with another month's fee. Unbelievable.

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            First Data — ripping me off, misleading contracts, over the top monthly fees

            I was tricked into a "must lease the new chip reader or I will be fined $30/month." Being a very small...

            First Data Merchant Servicescustomer service

            I've been (trying to) work with First data for about a month now since my acquiring bank decided to switch to First Data as their merchant services platform. Customer service is abysmal.
            I just got off the phone after 30 minutes just trying to get them to change my e-mail because what they had on file from the bank was obsolete by about 10 years. 30 minutes and 3 different customer service reps, each from a different part of the organization, each of whom transferred me to another, and each of whom had to go through the same pointless "authentication" process, and I'm still not sure they actually did it.
            What's even worse is that I thought they had done this 3 weeks previously when I first signed up. At least I went through the process of reviewing the profile at length with the initial contact person, and then received intro / registration e-mails from them at First Data. Apparently they were not the right "group".
            The same problem was repeated in other venues (e.g., capabilities of one of their devices, PCI compliance, etc). They are way too fragmented to be effective, don't talk to each other, are allowed to only deal with their ring-fenced areas, and are generally incompetent. Frankly, I think incompetence rather than ill will is the main reason behind many of the complaints I've read about them.
            All in all, over the past month, I've spent over 8 hours on the phone with various of their functionaries, many of whom speak broken English, just trying to initialize an existing account provided by the bank. The process has involved at least 4 intercessions from the bank to break log jams of non responsiveness at First Data.

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